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  1. Sony has their own codecs. Don't expect prores on sony cameras. Some models have but for hd only and with the extension unit.
  2. So underwhelming... I was hopeful as all of us were for a good camera from canon. We're still complaining about canon for how long now? When will we learn...
  3. that's because it's a parfocal lens. with old cameras, you didn't have punch in focus. you zoomed with your lens, focus and the frame the shot.
  4. would love an increase in megapixels, like 16 or close to that. lower iso for slog and a better evf.
  5. prores was never that common on consumer cameras other than blackmagic. even on sony cameras, you have to pay for that option. it's an expensive codec because of apple. so i don't understand all of the sudden this requests for prores raw. it only works with final cut at the moment and if you don't have prores, most likely you're not going to get prores raw. that's why you see proprietary codecs, xavc, avc, canon xf avc, etc
  6. To scotchtape: I'm in the real world, where I'm happy with the camera I chose and stick with it. I mentioned a few improvements I would like for the a7s iii but that doesn't mean I'm going to buy it right away. Perfectly happy with the a7s ii.
  7. If they improve the evf, the battery and lower the iso in slog2 to 400 or something like that, that already makes my life way easier.
  8. Vimeo works terribly with "ok" internet connection. On that same connection, youtube works great. I've been a fan of Vimeo in the past but to me, youtube has always been a pleasant experience in comparison.
  9. Very true. I guess the only thing where blackmagic was more consistent was it's image quality.
  10. To me, just getting more options beyond 1600 is a surprise for a blackmagic camera. And a welcomed one.
  11. That would be great. But I'm highly sceptical that it will.
  12. I agree, recorders will become obsolete. In the meantime, I'm interested in the ninja v. Mostly because of the small size and 1000nits.
  13. I used the 502 and loved it. But in daylight, it's difficult to see. I would like to try the Focus but to me, I would purchase the bundle and that puts it very close to the price of the atomos. And for that, the atomos has the advantage of 1000nits and also a recorder (which I don't need for the moment).
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