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Ready to Invest in Some Primes


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the Red Eye wide angle adaptor works prefectly on the Canon FD L 24-35 and the 35-105mm




its small and light and is 72mm diameter.

it is a single element wide adaptor and produces an image 3cm infront of the taking lens ......so you need a +3 72mm dioptor behind it to make it work


all in all its optically like its not there..... no noticable loss at all I was amazed


and its not bulky so you lens is only about 1cm longer with it on the front


and your lens is now x0.7 wider !!  its now 16.8mm - 24.5mm

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Damn that thing looks cool. Curious how that would work on top of an anamorphic lens!


There's even a 82mm aspheric version. Would love to see some tests with this, with high res still images to see how it affects the quality.

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its very good Julian , one of the best Ive used , optically very neutral

Ill send you some to look at  pm me your email address


it works very well on my Fujinon B4 ENG zooms as they have back focus to aquire the image it produces 3cm infront of the taking lens


on a regular lens with no back focus you need a +3 diopter behind it


it can be used infront of any lens inc anamorphics

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YASHICA ML prime lenses are superb , Im shooting on them all the time now


Zeiss Distagon equivilants , superb contrast , very sharp and available on ebay


24mm 28mm 35mm 50mm 135mm all superb lenses made in same factory as the Zeiss Distagons in Japan (I cant tell the differance)


get a Contax Yashica (C/Y) to micro 4/3 adaptor off ebay and you are done


also the Carl Zeiss 80mm Biometar is a stunning lens get that aswell and you have a superb set of primes with out breaking the bank


Hey Andy, What mount is your 80mm Biometar?

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Contax Zeiss is slightly sharper  which is why I use it a s a variable prime
- both are cheap so get both!!!
it depends on what camera you are using them on
I shoot micro 4/3 so a 28-70mm is a great range

What kind of adapter do you recommend for the GH4 to use this lens?
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Im using this one




Im also using a Mitakon Lens Turbo Speedbooster in Canon EF mount to Micro 4/3 and then adding a Contax C/Y to Canon EF mount adaptor onto the lens



This makes this Carl Zeiss 28-70mm which is a stunning lens into 20-50mm unbelieveable lens!!

wider sharper and faster.....

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Are the Yashica ML lenses sharp? I'll have to make high-quality instructional videos that require somewhat close-up shots of things with fine details. I am wondering if I should invest in some prime lenses or I can get away with the Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm / F2.8 ASPH. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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I think I might have asked this before, sorry if I'm repeating myself (I'm not so young anymore!), but all of you using these primes for video, you're using some kind of external monitor, am I right? because focus assist doesn't work while shooting with the GH3, so I only end up using manual focus when the subject isn't moving. It's impossible for me to judge whether the subject is in focus without some kind of aid. So investing in primes means investing in a monitor as well for me... Since I'm only concerned about focus right now, do you think a cheap 7" tablet and Wifi would work? Sorry for derailing the topic, or if it's been answered in another thread... 

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yes Yashica ML primes are sharp

they are regarded as Carl Zeiss Distagon equivilants

I have a full set they are superb


Yep, but they also have the apeture ring right at the back against the camera body making access difficult compared to numerous other sharp old manual primes like Oly Zuiko's, Helios 44-2 or Meyer Optik or Pentacon where the apeture ring is to the front of the lens. But you know already.


And as you know, the later 3 have 'Preset' versions with smooth apeture ring adjustment with no on cost of declicking, making it easy to adjust a variable apeture not stepped and with nothing more than the tip of a finger smoothly at the same time as focusing manually.


Just saying, addressing the balance, not interested in any "my lens is sharper than yours" 

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if having an aperture ring at the rear of the lens stops you filming then you shouldnt really be doing this - come on we are now dragging up stuff for no reason what so ever .


this is a Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime - as used on Hollywood feature films ....one of the best prime lenses money can buy......



and where is the apperture ring?  oh yes on the rear of the lens , you will find they are on most cinema PL mount lenses.

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