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Gear Upgrade: Buy Canon 70D or more lenses for t3i?


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I'm going to give you an opinion that is completely different from other people. I may have gotten comments that my lighting is bad, but I have proved people that my t2i can look good at the shots Reid has said is not possible with what I have done with it. I have done the searching on the web already far and wide for turning the Rebel series into a cinematic beast in the cheapest way possible. 

Keep your T3i, sell your ef lenses, and get these:





(I would suggest FD lenses with the EDmika adapter, but something came up with the guy and I can't seem to find his products. So for now I'm suggesting these. Don't mind the fact that you can not zoom from 18-28 or from 48-50. Usually those are not needed)












Out of curiosity, why do you want the edmika adapters so badly, when you could just sell your t2i (while you can still get a little money for it) and get a mirrorless and you can use your FD lenses with a simple 10 buck adapter? With the money you'd shell out for the edmika adapters, and the sale of the t2i, you could get a Sony a5100, or 6000, or even an eos-m, or better yet an eos-m3 body that has focus peaking and manual audio control?

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Or an nx500 (from eBay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Haha. I'll tell you what, I think the nx500 might just be one of the most underrated cameras of the year. I am not a seasoned pro, I am sure some of you guys will forget more than I'll ever know, but when I figure out the best settings, for this camera, this little bastard is gonna be a beast. 

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"Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all."

-Stanley Kubrick

Kept his cameras and never sold them.

He had cameras that never became obsolete. Don't get me wrong, do what you want, I was just offering advice. Edmika adapters are at least a hundred a piece, for that money, plus the sale of your t2i, you could get the new eos-m3, have focus peaking, have access to the newer digic processor and sensor, use the same picture profiles, same workflow, use your FD lenses with 10 dollar adapters. I, finally, just sold my t2i after not using it for two years since I had the eos-m, trust me it's a way better camera for video.  It makes sense to me, but it's your life... Just offering some advice. 

With that being said, content is king, so use whatever camera you have and tell a story. 

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There is no forked hack for the M3 or an anti-aliasing filter for it. Except for the 5D Mark III, The forked hack bitrate is better than raw. Comparing footage shot with Edmika and the footage of Leica R lenses on the same camera. Edmika FD lens look as good. And My T2i was a birthday gift in high school from my relatives.

I gotcha. Don't get me wrong, t2i is a great camera and more than capable enough to capture great video. I just figured an m3 could be a smart move for you to use your FD lenses. Also, TL or ML should work, but then again I'm not too familiar with a "forked hack?"

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