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  1. Had a blast making this today! All shot and edited today, then showed to the live audience on the stage. REALLY fun to witness and create.
  2. Hi, Again innovation are coming in phones, first :/. So Instagram released a new iPhone app, Hyperlapse. It stabilises video using the accelerometer of the iPhone. It works AMAZINGLY well (better than the EM-1 stab !!!) Just tried it myself... Of course the purpose is then to accelerate the video to make it an hyperlapse as demonstrated here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id740146917 But you can choose 1x speed and it just makes the video 100% stabilized even when running, with no warping effect ! incredible. It takes 1-2 second on the iPhone to "stabilise" a 1min video !! Just imagine a GH4 with an accelerometer inside, and with the hit of a button you get your clip stabilized like this !!! Definitely the future, if camera makers think 2 seconds.... Byebye steadicams, byebye Warp Stabiliser, byebye all the bullshit. Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id740146917
  3. I'd like to share with you my motion timelapse filmed in Sydney. thanks for watching!
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