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  1. Hi, Again innovation are coming in phones, first :/. So Instagram released a new iPhone app, Hyperlapse. It stabilises video using the accelerometer of the iPhone. It works AMAZINGLY well (better than the EM-1 stab !!!) Just tried it myself... Of course the purpose is then to accelerate the video to make it an hyperlapse as demonstrated here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id740146917 But you can choose 1x speed and it just makes the video 100% stabilized even when running, with no warping effect ! incredible. It takes 1-2 second on the iPhone to "stabilise" a 1min video !! Just imagine a GH4 with an accelerometer inside, and with the hit of a button you get your clip stabilized like this !!! Definitely the future, if camera makers think 2 seconds.... Byebye steadicams, byebye Warp Stabiliser, byebye all the bullshit. Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id740146917
  2. I just got an A6000 and the SEL 35 1.8 lens. On some shots I occasionally see a very subtle ripple effect. I don't think it's caused by rolling shutter and sensor readout speed, it seems like it's optical to me. I say this because I haven't noticed rolling shutter when shooting with un-stabilised lenses. I had the optical steady shot on, and I wonder whether this is the culprit. I'll try to post a clip later, but I wondered whether anyone has had similar experiences either with this lens or other Sony OSS lenses?
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