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  1. Thank you very very much webrunner5, I really appreciate it - Heather ?
  2. I have a Canon c100 mk1 and a Canon C300 mk1 and am working to do multi cam a cam b set up with them both. I would like to know if using an external recorder with ProRes 4:22 connected to a C100 mk 1 would provide an even more matching quality image paired to my internal Canon C300 mk 1 without an external recorder on the 300. ?
  3. I have 1 canon c100 mark I . the first version not the Mark II. I need an easy go to solution besides a clapper board to sync up the audio and video. I am aware of the Free Run setting and the time code setting to get both the cameras to have the same time while shooting but it is still also of prep and setting to get that to work. There has to be an easier way to lock in the audio and video from 2 CV's . if it is a cinema line EOS camera there should be a simple way of doing it with a 100% fail proof method to make sure the 24,29 or 23 Fps MXF,AVI and so forth can sync up. I would like to know if there is a trick to this without having to spend money on an ATOMAS NINJA or pro res external recorder and even that I don't think can do what I need. I am aware of plural eyes plugin for various video editing software but i would like to have it all synced up so no work is needed in post in order to keep 2 camera multi shoot interview in audio video sync all the way to the very end . Also is there a very precise method more so than a clapper board to sync up the audio and video in a multi camera shoot with the CANON C100 mark I? because even with a clapper board you have to pay close attention to the video clips in post cause they can get out of sync by seconds i am hearing. Please someone does anybody have a solution? I realize a canon c300 or above will allow me an easy precise automated audio video sync however I am wondering only about having another Canon C100 along the 1 Single Canon C100 Mark, I currently own Any advice would be somewhat of a relief.
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