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  1. Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words. For this film I didn't actually use ML Raw! I was surprised too by the amount of detail in the image. I used my Atomos Ninja 2 to record prores HQ. I wanted to shoot raw on this one but I wasn't going to be able to finish it in time for halloween weekend if I did. We shot this 10 days before it came out. The whole thing was filmed using the 24-105 f4 kit lens. No noise reduction in post. Audio captured on Rode VideoMic Pro and a few sound effects from soundsnap. The whole thing was shot at 1600 ISO.
  2. I wrote and directed this short film for halloween and I'd love some feedback on it if you get a few minutes. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Dude those screengrabs look incredible. Excited to see it whatever it turns into. Glad you dug "Last Day of Summer"! I did a 60p raw test recently and it completely failed. Every frame was pink and pixelated. I have no idea what I did wrong. If you figure it out please let me know how!
  4. Thanks man. Really appreciate it and glad you dug the short. One of the things I like most about the 5D3 is how simple it is to get great looking images out of. Maybe thats because I've been a canon shooter from the beginning but I honestly don't remember a time when the camera wasn't able to get what I needed. (besides more dynamic range) Excited to see what you shoot. Definitely send your shorts my way when you can.
  5. Thanks again for taking the time to watch the short! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello! Here is a short film I shot and directed called "It's My Party" (if you couldn't tell from the big pink letters). I just posted it online Monday and I'm looking for feedback. After my last film which was 20 minutes long and about 10 different locations, I wanted to get back to something more simple that focused on character rather than plot. Anyway, if you have a few minutes check it out and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it! Mike
  7. Thanks for the thoughtful response! Really appreciate it. I was definitely playing around with how little exposition I needed to give to still elicit some kind of feeling. It works better here for some than it does for others. I'm glad you still enjoyed it though. Saying you would keep watching is a big compliment! Cheers.
  8. I shot this a few months ago. Looking to get some feedback on it before I start filming a bigger project in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know whats up. mike
  9. Jimmy wakes to find his apartment door open. His cat Moses, missing. And his bag of heroin, empty. J
  10. It's the last day of summer in rural Illinois, 1967. A boy lays alone in the dirt. Trying to catch his breath, sweat rolling down his face, he remembers a recent encounter with two other boys. As the conversation unfolds we slowly realize who we are seeing and why he's alone.
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