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Ready to Invest in Some Primes


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I'm selling my full set of Yashica ML Prime lenses with metal lenses hoods and flight case.
24mm f2.8
28mm f2.8
35mm f2.8
50mm f2.0
50mm f1.7
42-70mm zoom f 3.5-4.5
135mm  f2.8

First, thank you for all this information you have given on this board, this has helped me a lot. I bought Canon Fd 24-35 L and FD 35-100 based on your recommendation.
But would you mind me asking, how come you end up selling that nice Yashica set? I thought you loved these. I just got 50mm f2, and it is incredibly sharp with popping colours.
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YASHICA ML prime lenses are superb , Im shooting on them all the time now


Zeiss Distagon equivilants , superb contrast , very sharp and available on ebay


24mm 28mm 35mm 50mm 135mm all superb lenses made in same factory as the Zeiss Distagons in Japan (I cant tell the differance)


get a Contax Yashica (C/Y) to micro 4/3 adaptor off ebay and you are done


also the Carl Zeiss 80mm Biometar is a stunning lens get that aswell and you have a superb set of primes with out breaking the bank

​Hi Andy Lee, Do you know something about the "Yashica Yashinon 50mm F1.4" ? Are this lenses made in the same factory as the Zeiss Distagons? I would like to buy some Contax/Yashica lense, and this one have the mount M42 for Pentax that is very solid. Please tell me if this lense has a nice image quality like the Yashica ML. :)

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