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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new in this world and I'm trying to do some music videos. I've recently got a Sony A7 with a Bower 85mm f1.5 (with a canon EF adapter to Sony e-mount) and a Yashica 50mm f1.7. with a C/Y to e-mount adapter. I'm looking for a very very cheap (I'm in very low budget rightnow) wide angle lens to complete my set. What lens can you recommend to me? (24mm or below plus adapter) Around $60 box on ebay will be great...
  2. ​Hi Andy Lee, Do you know something about the "Yashica Yashinon 50mm F1.4" ? Are this lenses made in the same factory as the Zeiss Distagons? I would like to buy some Contax/Yashica lense, and this one have the mount M42 for Pentax that is very solid. Please tell me if this lense has a nice image quality like the Yashica ML.
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