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Canon engineer on EOS R5 overheating

Andrew Reid

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Why is every Philip Bloom video posted on Youtube a piece of art? Because he uses 'over-cranking" 95 percent of the time. "Everything looks good in slow motion". That's why I don't see him switching from Sony mirroless to Canon any time soon. Not until they fix the overheating issue at high frame rates.

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I have 35-40c temps in summer so I can't wait to use my R5 as a flame thrower. I heard fire kills the virus so there might be a way to put those flames in our bodies as a cure? I'll ask Trump what he thinks about that. R5 will save the world. 

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Loved the video - I've watched it three times already! (I watched the earlier one quite a few times also - always cheers me up).  Though I think people are being too cynical about the R5/R6 heating issues. It's been rather cold here in West Wales in recent weeks, I've ordered three R5s to help warm the place up. 

More seriously, what on earth were the Canon engineers thinking? It seems to me the R5/R6 is the opposite of the Canon XC10.  The XC10 had rather unimpressive statistics on first view - but was in fact really well designed, and does a solid, professional job (within its limitations of the one inch sensor etc.). It sounds like the R5 was put together by a committee looking for statistics that could be hyped, and built around that, without any thought about whether the bloody thing would actually work in practice.  The price and branding is of a 'professional' camera, but no professional could risk using a body this unreliable for any serious video work. (No doubt it's a very good stills camera, but you don't need to spend £4,000 these days to get a good stills camera).

It seems to have an intended useage restricted to the British Antarctic Survey and similar polar explorers. Instead of the Canon Cripplehammer, we've got the Canon CrippleOven. 

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