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1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6

Andrew Reid

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I'm thinking if the AF is good with Tamron G2 zooms I'll just use those with adapter.

I have the EF 70-200 II still, and the original Tamron 24-70mm VC G1.

What I'm actually hoping Tamron does is make RF mount of their new E-mount zooms because they're so light and compact! I'm kinda disappointed with the distortion of the 70-180mm and the fact that it extends but I guess you can't have it all. Probably have to wait another year at least before Sigma and Tamron release any RF lenses.  

I find I almost never use the 70-200's because they're so damn heavy, but I used the panasonic 35-100mm all the time because it was so light.

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4 hours ago, chadandreo said:

Now that these cameras have been out for a while now and have had firmware updates, what do you guys think of this comparison?

I have a R5 since October 2020. I had a 1Dx III from march 2020 until two weeks ago, sold it to buy an additional R5.

Never used an R6 so I cannot comment on that.


I basically have 2 custom settings that I use for video: 8k RAW Light 24-30 fps and 4k 120 fps Clog (rarely use Clog3). Rarely I use 4k HQ IPB with no log if I need to give the video for some quick and dirty usage without any further processing.


R5 is imo a much better camera than the 1Dx III:

8k RAW is better that 5.5k RAW not for the resolution (although it give some more room for post zoom and pan) but mostly for the much better rolling shutter 15 ms vs 29 ms

4k 120fps is way way better than the junk 1080 120 of the 1Dx III.

Crop quality is a tad better

Lightweight, better on Gimbals

Smaller to pack, basically I can take 2 R5 in the space and weight of a 1Dx III, if you add the insane big charger of the 1Dx III you can take a gazillion number of R5 batteries…..

Flippy screen much better on Gimbals and in low angles

45 mpix much better than 20 mpix for photo

Has zebra

IBIS, IBIS + IS lens allow me to film quite a bit without a tripod, very handy for filming while backpacking for ski, mtb, etc…..

EF-RF Adapter with VND


1Dx III is better in:

No overheating

Initial AF acquisition with long lenses but only for photos in non liveview mode.

Has 5.5 RAW at 60fps but no AF

Longer battery life

Same dual card type

More rugged and better weather sealing



The biggest gain for me with the last firmware is the RAW Light that basically give me almost 2x storage. I’m a fan of RAW as it give me more flexibility in post than Clog and Clog3…. is probably me not doing it right but for me is a night and day difference RAW vs. Clog how much more post processing I can do and fix mistakes. Bonus that on my PC the RAW Light file are much easier to edit than 10bit Clog ones.


At the end the only question is if you need long takes and in case that things go south can you live with 4k SQ if the camera would overheat?


In my case it has never overheated in 8K RAW Light in my usage (but it will eventually happen). I got at the limit a couple of times at 30-35° C under the sun shooting at 4k 120 fps, this is the mode that seems to overheats the most.

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I have owned the R5 since December of 2020.

I can't speak to the IDXIII, having never owned one, but I do have access to an R6 and have been playing around with that camera for several weeks now.

I still prefer having the R5 over the R6 even after latest FW update for the R6. Mostly because R5 has:

  • 4K 120fps that looks great
  • 8K Canon RAW Lite
  • 45MP stills that look absolutely amazing
  • Custom video modes!
  • Hitting record button in photo mode switches to C3 video (It's switches to fully auto mode in R6, yuck).

I use 3 custom settings: 4KHQ 24fps, 4K120, 4K non-HQ on C3. Hitting record button in photo mode jumps to this setting.

The R6 is pretty good but still inexplicable crippled in weird ways–the lack of custom video modes being the biggest one imho. This has been the single biggest pain in the ass when using the camera. You simply can't use it very fast when switching between 24fps or 120fps.

Battery life on the R6 seems to be better than the R5 in cursory usage. I haven't thoroughly tested. Rolling shutter on R6 leaves a lot to be desired. Much prefer the 4K120 out of the R5 to the 1080 from R6. R6 AF shits the bed in moderate low-light situations compared to R5. The R5 has a much better 1.6x video crop mode.

Overheating has not been an issue for me (on either camera) but I don't shoot long form stuff and if I did I would just use the regular 4K mode or a proper cinema camera. Sony is still the better option if you want a small mirrorless camera to record for longer periods of time and with quick recovery times.

Editing performance has not been a problem whatsoever on my M1 MBP. I hear it's painful for a lot of people so if that is you don't get a Canon mirrorless camera until there is widespread support for hardware accelerated H.265 10-bit 4:2:2.

I'm still very happy with getting the R5 over the something from Sony. A7SIII is great but I wanted more MP if I was going FF as I was coming from Micro Four Thirds. I also enjoy the Canon body ergonomics more than Sony and that is pretty important aspect for me.

Things I don't like about RF system as a whole (at time if writing):

  • Lack of wide angle fast primes (16,18,20mm f1.8 or faster)
  • The RF lens ecosystem is expensive (but there is always EF).
  • No RF Sigma options...yet.
  • Overheating timer is there and could potentially be a problem (it hasn't been for me).

Really surprised Canon is releasing major firmware updates with major features. I hope they continue this.

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5 minutes ago, TomTheDP said:

The R5 sensor should definitely make it into a more video oriented body. Canon C80 😅

Lots of potentially exciting cameras coming from Canon R3, "R5c", R1.

My dream RF camera would be smaller than C70 but still have internal ND, FF DGO sensor (RAW not that important for me if its DGO), EVF, 4" flip screen. If there is no EVF for the love of god put a large, bright, robust screen on the camera! If it takes photos that is a bonus.

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12 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

Lots of potentially exciting cameras coming from Canon R3, "R5c", R1.

My dream RF camera would be smaller than C70 but still have internal ND, FF DGO sensor (RAW not that important for me if its DGO), EVF, 4" flip screen. If there is no EVF for the love of god put a large, bright, robust screen on the camera! If it takes photos that is a bonus.

I could see that maybe in the 10k price range. They'd need a C500 MK3 with the DGO sensor too. 

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You must factor price when comparing R6 to the other two cams. For about 2K€ (what I paid for mine) the R6 is a pretty good deal imo. You get oversampled FF 4K, 10-bit 4:2:2, Clog/Clog3, IBIS, DPAF on RF mount. Only thing you lose really from 1DX3 is RAW.

Overheating is real though. I've had it happen after around 1h of shooting continuous short 8-bit 4K clips (!) in a cool office. So I simply can't recommend these cams for certain pro applications. I'm still gonna keep the R6 but as a B-cam and for personal / travel purposes.

The C-log3 update is quite interesting. the skin tones on the R6 is night & day with regular Clog. I'm really surprised at how much more natural they appear upon grading. Do R5 users notice the same thing? I don't remember such a difference on the C200.

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