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Canon EOS R5 - 8K30p 4K120p

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I think that the most important point is: this time Canon provisioned the budget for the 24p modes licenses? (insert irony here) 

Canon traditionally released under whelming spec’d cameras and now suddenly has the fastest readout of any sensor, better IBIS than Panasonic and Olympus, and 8K 30p RAW in a mirrorless form factor?

Maybe its true, they just didn't leaked the crop factor yet 🤣  

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Personally, I’d rather have internal 10-bit, uncropped 4K, AF in 120fps, and maybe a RAW video codec for the heck of it.  But I guess 8K is more headline grabbing for them to say “hey, we’re back in the video game”.  

I also hope they keep the feature from EOS R where the shutter closes to protect the sensor with the camera is off.  Such a nice touch.  

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Option A: Canon has a secret sauce and manages to release 8k on FF mirrorless camera. Not only Canon is going to abandon years of crippling policy but they are going make a massive technological come back by beating the competition.

Option B: they gonna fuck it up one way or the other with weird limitations, exorbitant pricing, marketing specs for the stickers on the box but without value for users (8K is actually time-lapse mode or upscaled 4K).

Normally, I would be inclined to pick Option B but since their sub-par product line and pressure from the competition starts having an effect on their sales, we may not completely rule out Option A. Finger crossed.


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