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"Boom Be Gone!" (Adobe's new Content Aware Fill Tool)


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I hope in the future as the VFX tools we have at hand get better and as crew awareness increases then we'll be able to happily have booms in shot much more often for the sake of improved sound. This is already common place on many shoots such as "House of Cards", and advancing VFX technology will lead to an expansion of situations booms can be put into shot. 




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this is a killer feature and its only gonna get better, i was gonna start a thread. if you use it the right way in photoshop its unbelievebly effective and easy, so im really stoked to see where this goes

i love the boom removal usage that @IronFilm mentioned; stuff like that can be HUGE for an indy shoot too...!

the future of vfx is so bright its ridiculous lol. kids in the future will never kno the agony of the stuff we’ve had to learn ?

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