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Black Magic Pocket OG 2019

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Yeah, this can't be overstated.

All of the critical differences mentioned in discussions are in blown up stills.

Actual running footage, let alone footage compressed for broadcast and web delivery, is simply indistinguisable to a viewer. Period.

I did a blind test with a few people at different times in the studio the other day and the responses were exactly what I expected - "What difference am I supposed to see...they all look the same" kind of stuff.

What people should be talking about is how "organic" and "film like" Braw and Gen 4 processed in Resolve actually look. It's sort of the Holy Grail that so many people have been looking for.

4k, raw, detail, file size, smooth roll off in shadows and highlights, deep accurate colors, ease of editing.

The only people still debating the issue aren't the ones shooting with the new cameras and codecs. The debate is over for all of them/us.


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1 hour ago, graphicnatured said:

It's funny the same people who complain about detail loss say the 4k image is too sharp. I'm not one to pixel peep everything I shoot, but I'm not noticing a massive difference from DNG to BRAW on mine. If it's there it surely isn't enough to be of any concern. Not even with green screen, at least in my use.

I'd imagine 12 bit is going to be plenty for greenscreen regardless. 

I don't really get the complaints on sharpness. As long as its not in camera sharpening (aka GH5) which its not, how could it be a bad thing. The complaints I have heard were about noise reduction.

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