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Fuji X-T3 / X-T4 sticky topic

Andrew Reid

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Only had this 2nd xt3 for a day & have to RMA it. Hot pixel that is very noticeable even scaled way down (editing in premiere). Tried remapping many times & it's still there. Then I also have a very strong, weird smell coming from the camera when recording. It only takes a few seconds for it to stink, my $250 memory card smells away from the camera. Tried 2 different cards & both have the strong smell. I think something is frying itself lol. 

My first copy didn't have these issues; I dont know if I'll get another one. I like FF pictures & swap frequently, but this camera is still very good imo. It does show a little noise in flog (640 base iso), but it kind of looks like light film grain, same as my 1dx ii, easy to remove if wanted. Compared to the sony 4k or eos r 4k, this has very low rolling shutter like my 1d, so you can shoot with an unstabilized lens & just use warp stabilizer. Especially in 4k 60, you cant tell warp was used in most cases. Tried stabilizing some 4k eos r footage that I shot with the 24-105 IS & I cant use 80% of that footage because the RS. 

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3 hours ago, Simon Young said:

5. Auto white balance. The Nikon is amazing and never manages to get it really wrong, even in difficult mixed lighting. The Fuji is fine in daylight. But I absolutely love the fact that you can lock the auto white balance on the Fuji, such a handy feature in a pinch.


How do you lock the auto white balance with the X-T3 ? Nice feature !

and it’s a shame that the natural live view has auto white balance and you can’t preview your custom WB. It defeats the purpose ? but the preview is nice though, so much better than sony’s view assist. And it would be great if it didn’t go away while recording. It seems to be designed more for photography than video.

Hearing about allo your QC issues with the X-T3 is worrying ! I guess I had the chance to get a good copy. It’s funny to hear about the flimsy built quality because I used the BMPCC 4K these last days so when I had the X-T3 in hands, I told myself how robust it feels ! It’s all relative ?

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2 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

Is it prores  ?  My bad... You select prores on the ninja  ? 

Internal i think the cpu will get too hot. I'd love to see that anyway.

Yeah almost any camera can do prores to an Atomos although only the GH5, XT3, EOS R, and Z6/Z7 can do 10 bit prores 422. 

Even if it was only RAW in 1080p I'd love to see it. 14 bit RAW out of the Fuji would be really impressive. You'd probably get close to 14 real stops of dynamic range. 

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16 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

Do you think fuji will enter the dance and provide prores and or prores raw with ninja v  like nikon did ? 

Someone over at DVXuser made a good point:


In light of Atomos/Nikon announcing ProRes RAW recording. Here's my quick take on the practicality of ProRes RAW on Fuji X cameras.

Fuji uses a X-Trans CFA that's different from standard Bayer sensor, it's likely not compatible with ProRes RAW (whitepaper specifically says Bayer RAW). Even it could be compatible, based on Fuji's RAF RAW stills performance, it's likely to be very difficult to record and decode.

So my take is: Nah ain't gonna happen.


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1 minute ago, webrunner5 said:

Yeah but from what I know the X Trans thing is an overlay mask on a standard Sony Sensor. So it is sort of a hybrid sensor. So who knows if it can or can't yet?

X-Trans is a replacement of the standard Bayer filter array, not an overlay.

It's very unlikely for ProRes RAW to support this special CFA used by just one manufacturer, it's even more unlikely for Fuji to open up their X-Trans tech to others.

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18 hours ago, Brian Williams said:

I dont understand these comments about the X-T3 feeling like it could fall apart. Ive owned tons of Fuji’s as well as Panasonics, Sonys and Nikons, ove never felt the Fuji were somehow cheaply made. I think this is just becoming troll central.

Ah, must be quite convenient to see the things you do not understand as "troll" !

I have owned a GH4, Fujis XE2, XT1, XT2 XT3 (briefly), and various dslr from Nikon and Canon. I maintain my feeling concerning the XT3, especially compared to the rest. I'm OK if you see that as trolling, but it won't affect the reality that me and others have encountered. Plus, everybody agrees this little guy is a beast.... just some concerns about build quality, nothing else.

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It a big lighter and thus feels a bit less sturdy than an X-H1, GH5 or higher end DSLR. But I haven't had any problems with Fuji hardware, not the X-T2, not X-H1 and not X-T3. I thought it was over when I dropped the X-T2 on concrete, but it only got some minor cosmetic damages and still works fine. So I don't really get it either. 

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i will a rig,  also lens support as i am using adapter and also follow focus

thing is i don't know if i should buy a plate from smallrig and use rods or use the rig's plate as i am also gonna use it on tripod and sometimes just handheld with the cage and follow focus.

i've look at smallrig plates and there are many, don't know which one is best for me.

as rig i would use something like that https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00GTMBA7K/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_4?smid=A2X3YD2A96Y0NB&psc=1

but i find the base pretty big for just handheld use also i a m not sure the lens support from smallrig is compatible with it

of course if there is another option like a good plate from other brand why not as long as i can use a lens support on rods


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