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Nikon FF Mirrorless

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44 minutes ago, mercer said:

When you go into Best Buy or Target or WalMart, there are exactly two interchangeable lens brands... Canon and Nikon.


And nobody buys those damn cameras. Young people, and even soccer moms use their Smartphones now. Low end DSLRs are a thing of the past. Those stores never have high end cameras. I laugh every time I go by them.

I go to pawn shops a lot and there is a million of them collecting dust that they can't give away. If you want one of them you can buy them on Craigslist for 80 bucks kens and all. Canon isn't selling that stuff here in the USA.

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Well, thats set the frenzy off on that site good and proper hasn't it? "So, as you can see, its probably a 67mm thread on that lens, which if we also reference it to the available data on a

I won't judge you for your taste in porn

I'm pretty sure %99 of Nikon lenses out there outresolve 8 megapixel ?

Posted Images

Actual z6/7 images are in the wild. Love the two custom buttons next to the lens. The mount isn't as obnoxiously large as some of the guesstimate renders showed, doesn't look like a MF sensor will fit in there after all, but lots of space for IBIS. I spy headphone and mic inputs too. And that grip is just sexy.


Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 7.59.37 PM.png

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@webrunner5 I am a fan of competition. I want every company to try and beat the best. But in the end what is best for you isn’t best for me. I love Nikon colors. Their Flat Profile is a simple joy to work with. If I was forced to only have a D5500, I would happily shoot with it. If I was forced to have an a6000, I would do the best I can do with it. If I was forced to have a GH5, I’d be ecstatic to tell a story with it.

We are so lucky to have a plethora of cameras to choose from. And the only thing stopping any of us from telling the next great story is ourselves and our innate desire for the next best option to tell the story with.

So hopefully Nikon releases an amazing mirrorless with 10bit ProRes Raw and IBIS and Canon level DPAF. I’ll preorder it. 

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Oh I can't deny the body layout is damn nice on it. And I have always liked Nikon colors better than Canon colors for the stuff I like to photograph. My first real camera was a Nikkormat when I was in the Navy from a pawn shop. I had it until a few years ago, all the seals went to crap, not worth fixing.

So yeah I would buy a Nikon just to piss Canon off to be honest LoL. I sure don't want to see them go under.

Like I said I am going to sell all my of my Sony stuff and go with the BM PK4. For what I like video wise I know it will have more potential. And speaking of underdog I want to help BM out also. I think they are Really out to help the little guy on the video front.

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9 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

Yeah, I have wanted the Sigma SD H for a long time. But I don't have Any lenses for one, and that is the real cost. I can't afford one system let alone 2. ?

The trick is to get the SA mount versions of the Sigma ART lenses and then use their MC-11 adapter to put them on E mount so you get double duty out of them.

You can often find these versions of the ARTs are cheaper because dealers have them sticking round for waaaay too long and want to get shut of them.

 If you want to use old glass with them, the M42 adapters are about £10 and open up a world of cheap options.

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