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Sony a7 III discussion

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Finally got a7iii, took over a months wait, the shop said it will be in short supply til Xmas time.

so far colour is not my cup of tea, gonna take while to get used to it


Also ordered MFT to E mount adapter so I can use Laowa 7.5mm on A7, its my fav UW lens! Much tinier than Laowa 15mm f2 or 9mm f2.8. And also gonna see if olympus 9mm fisheye body lens cap would work it



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Thanks Don! It's an exciting time for Chris and I!

With all due respect, this is very wrong. The 400 f2.8 issue which you continue to reference and described as prattle earlier on was actually my prattle about the A9 rather than the A7 but I thou

Testing the A7iii in anamorphic setup in exterior condition, some quick run and gun test shoots but I m very happy with the result . A7iii ( full frame mode ) + Ninja V + Cinelux ES + Rectilux HC

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On 5/2/2018 at 8:11 PM, Aussie Ash said:

The bearded Kiwi may find this one interesting for the soundtrack


It might surprise you but I don't read every thread on EOSHD! 
So only just saw this and, whoa, that lav in the opening scene is massive compared to the top she is wearing! The lav is almost giving her more coverage than her clothes.

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49 minutes ago, ntblowz said:

A7III seem to stretch video a bit, but man that attract swarm of Sony fanboys at comment section



Hardly seeing any fanboys whatsoever. Most viewers appreciate Caleb’s work, and the comments section shows that. 

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16 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Hardly seeing any fanboys whatsoever. Most viewers appreciate Caleb’s work, and the comments section shows that. 

Well otherwise he wouldn't put this disclaimer up


Whoo hoo comments are fun on this one! Couple things: 1) I'm not a Sony hater. LOVE my A7 III! This isn't a deal breaker for me shouldn't be for you either. 2) I posted this for science. Not to dis or promote any brand. I found it very interesting. 3) Some say this was a pointless or click bait loaded video. Do you think Sony messing up aspect ratios is a big deal?


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17 minutes ago, Stathman said:

I think this is related to the blinking pixels at the bottom of the screen issue and how Sony fixed it...

Good job! :)

That was my first thought too.

I’m returning the camera and my half dozen lenses today.

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7 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

Keep being blown away at the detail in the full frame files, it's surprisingly close to the URSA sensor for me, with the added benefit of great high-iso performance.


Same here. The a7 III's got fine color and detail. Screengrab below no color correction at all in post.



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Can someone clarify the debate around the colours for me?

There seems to be two kinds of comments.. the "Sony colours are bad" type comments, and the "colours look fine to me" comments.

The A7III colours look fine to me, but I'm definitely not the biggest connoisseur in that department.  Do the "Sony colours look bad" comments include the A7III?  I have seen comments around the A7III having the Venice colour science, so perhaps it's other Sony cameras that these comments are referring to?


@jonpais thanks for that upload - the amount of detail is really impressive..  downscaling 6K seems to be a winner!

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I know a lot of people Hated the original A7s colors. I love them. They have a Grungy, Cine look to me. And I think they are easy on a woman's face and that to me is a plus. But on the other hand if I was doing Corporate Interviews, Doc work than that is where a Canon C100, C300 shines. I think it is more what you shoot determines the camera need.

I personally think the new A7 mk III looks as Canonish as a Canon! They may have gone too far LoL. I don't think any one camera can do it all for all jobs. But it can become your signature look if you try, and I think that is what sets the big boys apart, Their look. And you can't keep switching cameras and Luts and keep that feel. And you can never get the best out of it unless you know it like the back of your hand.

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