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Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

Dave Maze

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On 30/4/2018 at 8:33 AM, wa666ou said:

In-camera profile Eterna, Zhiyun Crane 2, some color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro. Fuji lenses: 23,35,56.



Wow, that looks stunning, really, very well shot and edited too. Skin tone looks gorgeous, really organic. Footage like this is what makes me believe XH1's log+Eterna is the closest you can get to ARRI color and highlight-rolloff under €10k, there's no harder test than a spot light and smoke to see how that works out. I'm currently testing Fuji/Sony before buying. Would you care to comment a bit about the shooting?

-Was that source HMI, Tungsten or LED?

-Did you use AF-C or was just MF -lens left at fixed focus point and keeping distance to maintain focus?

-Which lens did you use the most, and how did they perform for video? I remember the 35mm f2 having A LOT of Breathing. Currently testing 56mm (on XT2), lens is stellar, but slow AF. Did you shot 3 (or more) passes, each with the different 23, 35, 56 ?

-ISO 800? Did you close at f4 or more?

-Was this shot at 50/60 or 100/120fps.

-I presume Zhiyun with IBIS also on?

-Shot in Flog and then Eterna applied, or anything else?

Many thanx.

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Small quibbles - AF, IS doesn't necessarily work any better with OIS lenses than it does with some non-OIS lenses, shutter button travel is too short, weak battery life, 15-minute record limit annoying, no exposure aids such as zebras, exposure changes in big 1/3 stop chunky increments, laggy touch screen.

Jordan says if you shoot with the X-T2, shoot in F-log and throw on the Eterna LUT, you're getting something very similar to the X-H1. 

Notes: While @Jordan Drake says he wouldn't hesitate to use the Eterna profile straight out of the camera, there's no question that the video they uploaded would most certainly benefit from grading. Jordan also says that the AF works well for run 'n gun shooting, but in the sample, the camera has difficulty keeping him in focus for even 15 seconds.


eterna no grading.png

run n gun.png

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Autofocus with the new firmware is faster in general. The Dynamic Range bug seems to be fixed, so DR200, DR400 and Flog work very well with video, just like the DR200 recording.

If the transition is smooth, depends a lot on the lens and the settings as well as subject distance/distance difference. With the old and slow f/1.2 and huge subject separation I found that settings for af speed +1 to +5 track very well, as in the video, but if you want to pull focus with the touch screen, it feels like it does it in two steps if the subject is far away. With near subjects it does well. With other lenses, especially wide angles, it's not as prominent.

With different settings, like af speed -2 it does a very smooth focus transition, but it does it slowly. Also watch out to stay in the inner phase detection area, if you use the outer points, it does contrast detection with is neither fast, nor does it track well nor does it do smooth transitions.

Touch function in video has also been changed. If you are in manual focus and the magnification, it camera doesn't start recording if you hit the touch screen. With AF lenses it does instant AF, to start the recording via touch screen, you have to leave the magnification.

Auto ISO in video has been improved too. It's no longer 1/3 stop steps, but feels extremely smooth. 1/10 stops steps at least. 


That's just what I noticed in the first few minutes, there probably are a few more small changes. Overall it's a very nice update. 


edit: I now watched the video from Zed Pro Media. If the tracking sensitivity and af speed are set right, the 56mm tracks very well, as he shows. I can't say anything about the canon adapters, since I don't own any. The smooth Auto iso I can confirm. 


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Finally grabbed an Xh1. Planning a short that I'm going to use it on, so nothing much to share yet.

I have been looking for a remote looking location in Cairo and got a few shots at this cool looking place ..... (Just over the hills are built up Cairo all around)

fuji 35mm f2 

Eterna with +1 colour -4 sharpness and noise reduction


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Finally did the update for the new X-H1 firmware yesterday.  Here are my first impressions:

Autofocus in AF-C is leaps and bounds better.  My test shots on some birds and physically walking up to and away a moving subject were very good.  Using the 16-55mm zoom lens it was able to accurately track my wife walking around the yard watering plants while I slowly walked from one end of the yard to another.

Auto ISO transitions are super smooth and almost imperceptible. While I rarely use the Auto setting for video, it's nice to know I could use it in a conference or presentation situation and be okay.

IBIS is slightly improved.  Using the fuji 16-55mm, a 45mm minolta and 55mm super tak I didn't find as many huge jumps and shifts while panning.  I'm sure this will be the focus of their next update.

The overall system stability seems to be worse.  I had 3 write errors happen while just messing around with the camera. All three happened while shooting in manual with peaking turned on.  I'll be testing this more.

Here is a link to the firmware if you're looking to upgrade


Overall a really good firmware update, looking forward to the '2.0' update that is rumored for September

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