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  1. Seems pretty nice monitor, although it looks to be 2 years old model? Price wise better than Dell 32.
  2. I am looking for to buy 4K DCI monitor for under 1000 EUR. If I don't find one I will get UHD, at least locally there's not much choice. Some years ago there was nice review right here in EOSHD about LG's 31MU97-B. But, this one is not in production anymore. https://www.eoshd.com/2015/04/lg-31mu97-dci-4k-display-review-10bit-4096x2160-ips/ But, are there similar options or alternatives. I'm looking for 10bit 4K video and photo editing display.
  3. I cannot find any info about that in Atomos website, neither in Ninja V manual. Which displays are supported to get HDMI out from Ninja V? Definitely won't work with my Dell and LG wide gamut displays.
  4. You can also get X-H1 (with IBIS, but no 10-bit and 120p not so good) for 950 EUR in European grey market shops. X-H1 also has better ergonomics when shooting handheld. When rigged up, then does not matter. I've used Sony a7 cameras before and their user experience is just crap. The image is lifeless compared to Fuji. Mostly I shoot JPG with Fuji. You just dial in your settings and you are done.
  5. But, what exactly is the problem, why you cannot record? You can record 2 ways: into both SD card and SSD or only to SSD. You can choose that in Fuji's video settings menu option. You can start recording via camera's shutter button or from Ninja.
  6. This topic should be sticky! Great challenge! I'm already planning the shoot in my head. Probably won't be able to grade it - so better shoot in B&W
  7. I've read the manual it states this: "Ninja V Mic input supports dynamic and powered microphones only. When using these, audio must be set as Mic Level." I'm guessing Deity mic is not that kind of microphone? Choosing a line or mic does not make it connect.
  8. Does the Ninja V record audio with Deity V-Mic D3 Pro? Because I have not managed to do that. I've tried different audio cables, no luck. At the moment I'm recording to the camera with a cheap (2€) TRS cable and I also have Rode TRS cable, both work with the camera. But if I connect the mic to the Ninja, no audio input. Any suggestions? I have not tried other mics.
  9. I'm looking for an alternative cheap sunhood for Atomos Ninja V. I don't want to buy Smallrig monitor cage with the sunhood, because it adds a lot of weight to my rig. I've found some 6 inch sunhoods from Amazon, but not sure if they fit properly. https://www.amazon.com/SummitLink®-Sunshade-Inspire-Professional-Advanced/dp/B00U7FIYHE/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=6+Inch+Sun+Hood+Sun+Shade&qid=1552378379&s=gateway&sr=8-5 https://www.amazon.com/Wooden-Camera-LCD-Sun-Shade/dp/B07B3NHKCC/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=6+Inch+Sun+Hood+Sun+Shade&qid=1552378379&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  10. Kinotehnik's EVF is pretty cheap: https://shop.kinotehnik.com/product/lcdvfe-electronic-viewfinder
  11. I'm also using Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD with X-H1 and it works flawlessly. No need to worry about power for the entire day. You can get the cable from any tech store.
  12. Btw, Atomos support is very helpful when you have questions.
  13. A question for Fuji X guys with Ninja V. I have X-H1 and when I record, I always get those <1 sec black clips before / after the clip that I'm recording. Do you know why? I have Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD. Atomos has said, that PRO discs are better. And sometimes I've noticed a jittery recording. It's not IBIS, happens when IBIS is off. Oh, I'm using Lindy 41680 HDMI2.0 thin cable.
  14. No internal 10bit, but does it 4:2:2 externally, which is still great for 900 USD camera.
  15. I'm seeing a different image in just viewing the files in Quicktime. So, not even going into editing software.
  16. I've recently got Atomos Ninja V for my Fuji X-H1. I've set F-Log inside the camera and F-Log, F-gamma, inside Ninja. But for some reason, the image from Ninja is more saturated. Is that normal? I have no previous experience with external recorders. And it's not monitoring difference, it's the result file. I will upload a sample tomorrow.
  17. I'm looking for a good HDMI 2.0 cable for my Fuji X-H1 and Atomos Ninja V. This camera does not record 10-bit 4k60p, but I will get X-T3 later that will. A cheap (<10€) HDMI to micro HDMI cable is, of course, available from most tech stores, but they are long (1m+) and too stiff. I could buy Atomos coiled cable, but those seem too stiff, too. And when using with gimbal, that is a problem. So, there are some flexible thin cables around but are they any good. And are they version 2.0? And finally a shot of the long-long cable I'm using now.
  18. Yeah. Are there variable NDs that can be used with matte box?
  19. Thanks. But which filters do I need? For example, I'm shooting with Fuji X-H1, F-log (ISO800), F1.4. Could ND1000 be close enough or do I need to stack them more? Of course, it's difficult to say exactly, it really depends on light. But generally speaking, which filters should I be looking?
  20. I searched the forum, but could not find a topic about the filters. I am interested in 4x4 (100x100mm) filters to use with a matte box. For photography, I'm using circular variable ND 10 stop and it's very good. It can be used for video, when not using a matte box. So, in sunny conditions to shoot at 1/48 at F/T 1.4-2 I have to use that 10 stops I guess. I'd love to shoot some wide open in daylight, meaning I probably need ND1000? I can stack 2 filters, but would rather use one, to get the best image quality. What do you guys use?
  21. Yeah, jindrich, contact him through Vimeo. Btw, the guy is also in Facebook X-H1 page.
  22. In-camera profile Eterna, Zhiyun Crane 2, some color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro. Fuji lenses: 23,35,56. https://vimeo.com/265565687
  23. Damn, those changes bring the X-T2 to X-H1 level
  24. Tried out Acros profile and 50-140mm lens for video. Definitely need to practise IBIS and shooting video overall.
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