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Actually you can make the GH5 look very cinematic!

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Shot on the GH5 in 3 days. A concept trailer done having a zero budget for our upcoming first feature film. I really like what I can squeeze out of the internal 10 bit V-Log footage. DR, lowlight an

I shot another video with the GH5 and SLR Magic 50mm 2x anamorphic prime. Calling it Chicago II. Here is one frame that is my favorite.  

I think the reason this is a popular thread on EOShd is simply because this is a nerd site for cheap cameras.  We know, or want to know, the intricacies of techniques and  equipment.   What

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1 hour ago, DBounce said:

We should rename this thread to "Actually, you can make the GH5 do slow-motion":glasses:



just worked on some older FS7 Cine EL/ S-Log 3 Footage I did, to see how it matches to GH5 footage in ACES colorspace: Quite good, but...
Videoish as hell

Totally overprocessed. No fine detail. Unsharp mask artifacts galore and lots of colorful noise. But unlike the GH5 no fine grain, more like Canon splotchy noise. Ugh

Why did I ever complain about the GH5? lol


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