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  1. I haven't sold my gh5 yet because I want to shoot something in 4:3...
  2. Agree! The conversation in a theater would be cool, not for the visuals alone but for the audio. There's some wild sound design in that film and I bet it shines on a theater sound system. I noticed some interesting use of focus. When cat woman walked into the club, and you can see women dancing but completely abstracted by the depth of field. A nice way to make the scene more abstract and to add mystery to the place, all while holding that PG-13 rating.
  3. Not for me. I do run and gun documentary and IBIS makes a big difference. The low light and dynamic range of the GH5 were always its weak spots. GH6 offers this and more, though, and I'm still not too inclined to switch back over to MFT.
  4. Also, I can't help but imagine how successful Panasonic would have been if they just made a gh5s with IBIS a few years ago.
  5. I have an S1, an S1H, and I still have a GH5 as a loaner for other filmmakers I work with, and because I have been working on the same project for a few years - so I haven't had a chance to shoot something in 4:3 yet! I had an S5 briefly but found it hard to hit critical focus. One thing that I love about the S line is the Fotodiox ND Throttle adapter, which essentially gives me an EF mount with a built in variable ND behind the lens. I have the L mount 24-105 but I never really use it. My Contax kit has been a thrill to use with this, and for a zoom I just piked up and am testing a Tokina 28-70mm 2.8.
  6. Sometimes dreams come true, because I just picked one of these up for $40 CANADIAN DOLLARS at a pawn shop. I'm happy to add it to my 28mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 35-70mm, and 50mm 1.4 Contax Zeiss set, which all cost me a hell of a lot more. I've never had a 135mm lens, and find it a little odd, but I think it's going to make an awesome intermediate lens for filming events with a tripod.
  7. Thanks, I have to admit that I was ready to put down my GH5 too quickly to get all my equipment a bit more aligned within one system - for what, better highlight roll-off? And that was the wrong call. It's a great camera and I never miss a shot with it.
  8. I made a decision to return my camera. Hopefully the seller (amazon, third party) takes it back without issue. I found the focus peaking to be totally inadequate for manual glass, coming from the GH5 or S1 or even an old Canon with magic lantern.
  9. Unfortunately all of my lenses are fully manual, so one-shot AF won't cut it. I'm looking at a Zacuto but it does feel ridiculous to go back to optical loupes and 30 minute record limits after so many years.
  10. I'm actually debating returning the camera. My eyes aren't that bad but the viewfinder is really not cutting it. Peaks are not great. Focusing was easier on my old 6D with magic lantern, and that's saying something.
  11. Well, I wanted something lighter and more nimble than my S1, and to replace my GH5 as a second camera, so I picked up an S5. Coming from the S1's big beautiful viewfinder, the S5 is much harder to use. I think an eyecup or loupe might be the solution. I have a rubber eyecup on both my S1 and my GH5, and I'm not seeing anything similar available for the S5. It almost looks like the rubber eye piece is screwed in. Anyone have insight into this?
  12. Can't you use paypal with crypto now? If you're in the US?
  13. I also had the inclination toward a C100, but when I owned one I found the codec too thin and found it was hard to operate in very cold environments due to lcd lag. Then I got a Gh5, felt like I was getting a similar image, but the trade off was the file sizes. I think what I end up choosing will be totally determined by what's available in my local second hand market.
  14. I think they'll be doing documentary work in the far north. Likely pretty rough on gear. I don't think they need 4k, but they seem to want it. At this price the options are pretty interesting for 1080 cameras - including even something like a c100. I don't think they will rely on AF. Regarding your sound points, I have to admit I've never been great at sound. I was thinking of getting them a Deity V3 and calling it a day, just so they can start with something better than in-camera sound.
  15. I'm trying to get a new filmmaker set up with a camera and a lens, and have about $1,400 USD to spend. I'm looking at a used Panasonic G85 or XH1 if I can find it. I like the idea of IBIS but I suppose that's a bit of an extravagance. I'd like to save a bit of money for a shotgun mic, an ND filter, and some batteries. What are some alternatives? How would you kit out a new filmmaker on this budget?
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