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  1. I also had the inclination toward a C100, but when I owned one I found the codec too thin and found it was hard to operate in very cold environments due to lcd lag. Then I got a Gh5, felt like I was getting a similar image, but the trade off was the file sizes. I think what I end up choosing will be totally determined by what's available in my local second hand market.
  2. I think they'll be doing documentary work in the far north. Likely pretty rough on gear. I don't think they need 4k, but they seem to want it. At this price the options are pretty interesting for 1080 cameras - including even something like a c100. I don't think they will rely on AF. Regarding your sound points, I have to admit I've never been great at sound. I was thinking of getting them a Deity V3 and calling it a day, just so they can start with something better than in-camera sound.
  3. I'm trying to get a new filmmaker set up with a camera and a lens, and have about $1,400 USD to spend. I'm looking at a used Panasonic G85 or XH1 if I can find it. I like the idea of IBIS but I suppose that's a bit of an extravagance. I'd like to save a bit of money for a shotgun mic, an ND filter, and some batteries. What are some alternatives? How would you kit out a new filmmaker on this budget?
  4. I switched to Panasonic in the first place for the GH5 because it was a great camera with very few software driven limitations and lots of support from the company after release. Panasonic kept improving it. In full frame, it seems like that strategy of releasing the most capable gear per price point has already been abandoned. Panasonic is playing a game of cynical market segmentation (like Canon, etc.) and they won't sell people on a whole new system this way. I'm now an S1 owner and I already am frustrated by Panasonic. The S5 addresses design flaws of the S1, and is getting featu
  5. For Contax Yashica Mount? Beautiful soft rendering, with the potential to be really sharp slightly stopped down. Great colours. Hands down my favourite lens. Used one for years on Canon Full Frame cameras without issue.
  6. The Voigtlander 17.5mm and 25mm are both good options if you are looking for a prime. Otherwise sigma 18-35 with Speedbooseter - especially if you already have the lens and don't mind the weight.
  7. I wonder if the GH5s will keep or remove ETC mode. Not sure how a lower resolution sensor or a native 4k sensor could crop in and still produce a 4k image...
  8. Very interesting results... I didn't have vignetting issues on the regular 0.71 speedbooster with this lens. I did have IBIS issues though using the nikon mount, unless I set it manually to different parts of the zoom. This seems to confirm that IBIS communicates properly with the camera through the canon adapter. Tempting.
  9. I am genuinely excited to have unlocked file formats so large I can neither record them nor store them! Regardless, I.S. Lock looks pretty cool! And ALL-I 1080p.
  10. In terms of using it for video, I agree its basically impossible to use on moving subjects. I use it with the focus transition feature of the GH5 which makes it usable for B-Roll. I found a copy for $120 on my local kijiji. I have some but not much hope of Panasonic fixing it by firmware update as they did update it to add Dual IS support.
  11. I have used the Sigma 18-35mm with a Nikon speedbooster as well as the PL 12-60mm and the Voigtlander 25mm 0.95. My thoughts below PL 12-60 The 12-60mm makes shooting quite easy with its AF and Dual IBIS but it does often render a clinical video sharpness look that cinephiles can't stand. Focus by wire is particularly poor on this lens compared to others I've used (from Olympus' cheap 50-150mm or the PL 15mm 1.7). This is my most useful lens due to its great focal range and it goes with me everywhere. I'm not in love with the look it produces but don't dislike it either - plea
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