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Improving GH5 colour - comparison with 5D3 RAW


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I've been using 5D3 Magic Lantern RAW for a few years now and it's my personal gold standard for image quality as I'm very familiar with it, can predict the results I'll get in various situations and

Yes, the GH5 is second.   For sure, the 5D files have much more malleability than 10bit VLog. You can really go to town on Magic Lantern RAW - it's a much thicker file. It's almost pristin

@hyalinejim Great job with making the Panasonic reds less orange and ACTUAL red. Here is a shot where the tubes were solid red, the poker table was red, and the guy's shirt was red/black. It was looki

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27 minutes ago, deezid said:

Is this shot with -5/-5 sharpness and noise reduction?

Yes, on the GH5. 5D3 in my video has 0 luma NR and 20 colour NR in ACR and 0 sharpness.

12 minutes ago, Deadcode said:

Everyone is waiting for the reveal to tell AFTER that: "5D has waaaay better colours" :P Awesome job hyalinejim! I hope some day you will get a Sony camera in your hands!


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3 hours ago, deezid said:

I guess the other guy used internal sharpening, while these here are unsharpened. I can certainly live with that. :)

Where? Acquisition? He said no. No information on NR though. Where over processing stands.

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1 minute ago, Fritz Pierre said:

OK...I'll bite??5D first....GH5 2nd....regardless your grade looks good!....it also shows just how well the GH 5 10bit holds up against the 14bit?? In ML 5D

LOL Funny and meaningful. But, that black sun couldn't be part of Panasonic offer :-D

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9 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

LOL Funny and meaningful. But, that black sun couldn't be part of Panasonic offer :-D

Well...we'll just have to wait for the reveal...do I sense a wager for a beer in your response???

agreed on black dot in sun by the way...it's in the first clip...in the GH5 clip (2nd if I'm right ) it's blown out because it's the sun!...whatever camera that is, the detail maintained in the shadows in that shot is interesting...ok who owes who a beer here?

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