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Panasonic GH5 day zero

Andrew Reid

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Took my daughter out to learn how to ride a bike this afternoon after this strange yellow orb appeared in the sky above Scotland! I shot a mixture of standard all 0's and vlog-l with -5 sharpness and nr. I used a pre loaded lut in the vlogl assist mode to help nail the exposure. I have found that you cannot expose using one preloaded LUT in cam and then try and user another LUT in the edit as in most cases the exposure is off. If you use however the same lut in cam as well as in your edit you will find it exposes the same.

Shooting standard all 0's really is tack sharp with lovely colour representation. I was shooting with the 12-35 mk1 which gives me dual is 1 and it really is great for stabilisation hand held. I dont think I would pay the extra to get the mk2 version for that extra .5 stop for dual is 2. I used a genustech variable nd and shot everything at 2.8 which was a bit too much for the vari nd at some points.

uploading the footage now and will link it when ready. I graded the vlog-l footage with the filmconvert gh4 log profile. I had to bring the exposure down by 0.9 and bring up the shadows, I used the kodak 5207 stock.

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3 hours ago, majoraxis said:

@Imackreath. If you could let me know if the EX Tele Conv mode that is supposed to have a 3.1x crop factor for movies, records in 4k and looks to be 4k resolution, that would be greatly appreciated.



The crop for 4K ETC vs Canon 5D in video mode is actually 2.80, so it's a slightly oversized super 16.

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16 hours ago, lmackreath said:

@majoraxis your wish is my command!



Imackreath, it's hard to tell from that clip since it's only in 720p, but have you seen this on a 4K monitor or UHD TV? Does the extender actually retain 4K resolution? IOW, because it's creating a 4K file doesn't necessarily mean it's doing so in 4K resolution. 

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Glad you were able to get your GH5 earlier than expected. It's a downright shame that Panavision has failed to recognize your many years covering their cameras. The quality of your analysis and the size of your audience surely deserved a pre-production loaner. Hopefully one day you will get the recognition you deserve from the good people at Panavision.

I am salivating at the prospect of getting my hands on a GH5 myself. I've put in a request with my bosses to get a GH5 and a G85 as well as a couple of new lenses. A few of the features I am excited about are the 10 bit high bitrate video images, the new stabilizer, and the focus stacking for macro stills. The stabilized video is probably the number one thing for me. We have a big Ronin gimbal but it's mainly for our Red Epic, and reconfiguring it for a smaller camera is quite a chore. Near-gimbal quality always at the ready is very exciting prospect indeed.

Looking forward to reading about your impressions of the camera. Keep up the good work!

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1 hour ago, Ken Ross said:

OK, so page 148 of the manual certainly seems to imply that you can get a 40% extension (1.4 crop) in 4K, with no loss in quality.

This has always been a feature of GH cameras. They can crop in to the central 1080p (and now 4K) of the image in ETC mode. 

On GH5 the 1080p ETC mode should bring it to 5.6x.

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USB 3.1 has double the transfer speed of USB 3. Type C refers to a smaller port and it's reversible, meaning you can insert the cable either way. Not all Type C ports run on the 3.1 specification however - in fact, they may actually be running USB 2.0.

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