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  1. Hi everyone, sincere apologies if this has already been posted. I'm on my phone and the search function doesn't seem to work.. Just got my GH5 today and I can't playback the footage in Quicktime or Davinci Resolve. I don't have another editing app on my home computer so can't be sure if the files playback in premiere or FCP. They seem to playback in apple motion. I have the camera set to 4k 10 bit 422. I can't seem to find much info online. Has anyone else experienced this? Any input from GH5 users would be welcome. Cheers
  2. Actually, to add to my previous comment, the file that has been through the script is quite a lot more noisy from the tests I've done. Again, it doesn't seem to grade any differently than the original clip. Just my findings.
  3. Hey, I'm new on the forum, so hi.. I just used Thomas' app to convert one of my GH4 files into a .DPX sequence which I brough into davinci, graded and output as 1080p. Its looked absolutely no different to grading the same clip in 5DtoRGB (love this app) and down sampling to 1080p and applying the same grade. Am I missing something? I would genuinely like to know if I am.. Cheers!
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