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A-mount monster!! Sony A99 II announced with 8K sensor, full frame 4K and 5 Axis Image Stabilisation

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As puzzling as it is to release a top spec'd A-mount camera, I commend Sony for STILL supporting a legacy mount, and rewarding long-term users with a current body. Samsung could learn a thing or

Still 12 pages just under tab 1, WTF is up with that. Also WB at page 10... whats on the first 9?

First camera with revamped Sony menus. Looks more like a Canon menu system. Better grouping as well.

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Hi guys, just wanted to chime in here. According to Wikipedia the A-mount flange distance is very close to the EF-mount. Nikon's is longer. This means that, although there are no adapters currently on the market, there definitely could be, at the very least passive ones. There are F-mount to EF-mount adapters available and people do successfully use them so I see no reason why 0.5mm would make a difference in the feasibility of an F-mount to A-mount adapter.

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It's a terrible mistake to have A-mount on there, the could easily keep the same A77 / NX1 style form factor with a mirrorless E-mount.

Mirrorless does not have to mean small!

Also can't see what it offers over an A7R II for video?

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https://***URL removed***/news/5855300360/sony-announces-alpha-99-mark-ii

"The a99 II can capture 4K at 100Mbps (using XAVC S) with full sensor read-out and no pixel binning. A Super 35 option is also available, with 1.8x oversampling. A 'Slow and Quick' mode lets users jump between 1 and 120 fps at the push of a button. All of the capture tools you'd expect are available, including zebra patterns, time code, S-Log2 and S-Log3 profiles and 4:2:2 output over HDMI."

The XAVCS internal is a shame, but necessary because Intraframe would probably be impossible in a body that is much smaller than a Canon 1D series. At least there is HDMI clean out. The 4K downres from 8K makes it sound like a Sony F65 for your pocket!

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1 hour ago, The Chris said:


Count me as someone that never thought a A99II would ever become a reality. FF4k, 12fps, and Sony's best sensor. 1dxII - who?

The SAR guy - as usual - had no clue this was coming.

$3199 makes me want to dump all my E-mount stuff, the A99 had the best egos of any camera I've ever used.



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