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A-mount monster!! Sony A99 II announced with 8K sensor, full frame 4K and 5 Axis Image Stabilisation

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5 hours ago, froboy88 said:

If that is true and the lack of af in video is an software limit and not a hardware one we would have expected them to add it in whatever state it was in.  buggy or not.

I hope its not a hardware limit.  would be a weird one, but for the longest time you couldn't change aperture in video on a nikon so....

I think the Nikon D600 lacks a motor to drive the aperture lever in LiveView, unlike the D800/810. So an unfixable hardware limitation.

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As puzzling as it is to release a top spec'd A-mount camera, I commend Sony for STILL supporting a legacy mount, and rewarding long-term users with a current body. Samsung could learn a thing or

Still 12 pages just under tab 1, WTF is up with that. Also WB at page 10... whats on the first 9?

First camera with revamped Sony menus. Looks more like a Canon menu system. Better grouping as well.

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I mention almost 4 years ago that if Nikon/Canon were to go mirrorless, one option is the Translucent mirror route (which make all their lenses still compatible) there is a lot of merit in it (1) You can have a single all-green sensor on the reflected plane (and also acts as a full frame Phase Focus, which is easy because the sensor contains only a single colour pixel) coupled with a second red-blue sensor (that can also act as both phase and contrast focusing elements). The advantage is that it reduces not only 2x2 bayer wide noise and artifacts, but dramatically reduces high contrast false colours as well. The result is extremely close to a Foveon sensor minus all of the processing overhead. This is a boon to us Photoshop users when it comes to very precise edge-detect editing, or (2) Instead of all green, one can use all-white and increase the reflectivity of the mirror a bit and the result is that you have an image with significantly higher Dynamic Range and (3) you can place extra Phase-Detect sites on the sensor itself for superior and fast fousing (where the reflected PD is the coarse and the in-plane PD is the fine). Sony chose (3). It's interesting to see how this all plays out in the upcoming tests.

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Quote from Max Yuryev's channel:

So it's true, just got the info from the head of Sony Camera in the U.S. The A99ii (and other A-mount cameras) are limited to P mode at a stuck F3.5 (can't change aperture at all) if you want video autofocus. This is a hardware limitation due to the Phase detect module and can not be fixed in software. Dealbreaker for those who want to shoot video and use autofocus, unless you're in love with F3.5 lol.


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This was a really intriguing camera until I saw the AF limitation, now the a99II is a no go for me. Some will throw out the "pro's don't use AF" crap, but AF sure makes it easy to set focus with the short focus throw of photo lenses. And after using the tracking on the a6300 and A7rII - its incredibly convenient for a one-man-band to shoot handheld footage or shoot on a gimbal. I don't use AF all the time, but its something I do use. With an AF system this sophisticated, tracking could be next level compared to everything else.

Early adopters are reporting the full AF system doesn't work with older Minolta and 3rd party lenses, so that Sigma 18-35 won't AF either. As much as people on this board want to bash Canon, DPAF works with all Canon lenses and most 3rd party lenses in any mode, not just P and at f/3.5. SMH.

So close Sony, so close.

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