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  1. I have Tiffen variable ND filters for 49mm and 77mm lenses (55 1.8 + 28 2.0 and 16-35 4.0 + 70-200 4.0) on my A7sii. Would only recommend them for hobbyists. Professionals would find a better (and more expensive) way.
  2. Most couples in the UK would be happy with four hours CCTV footage and a few snaps from a mobile phone. A bonus reel containing shots of uncle Alf rolling around drunk in the hotel fountain completes everybody's joy. Never again will I pour my heart into a wedding film.
  3. This. You'll generally find that those making the most noise about gear make very little themselves of any worth to anybody.
  4. Davey

    I hate big cameras

    You took the wrong camera for the job. Lesson learned, presumably.
  5. Sony have given up. They'll still churn cameras out but they won't be any seismic improvement on what has gone before. If the high end looks like that then the bottom end will look like that and I'd be surprised if the a7siii even manages to have 4k60 without a recording limit of twenty seconds or something.
  6. Full manual and plenty of interesting B-roll that are subject matter appropriate.
  7. It is definitely a funny thread lol. The only cameras I'll seriously bash on are the ones I own. I don't usually let on until some idol worshiper has exhausted himself defending the indefensible.
  8. I want the a7siii to be able to make phone calls, or I ain't getting one.
  9. Outlawed, probably - except for security cameras and body cameras on robocops. They'll be made by Sony, of course.
  10. I love the 28 F2 on my Sony full frames for the same reasons. Bought it for astro related stuff as it's relatively cheap but use it mainly for events (particularly at night) when subjects are ever changing from intimate to afar. I say events, I mean riots and the like.
  11. I'll wait for Photo Joseph to tell us how brilliant it is before not getting one.
  12. What happens when the ten minute limit is reached in 4K60* - does it overheat, do you have to wait half an hour or a set time, can you just start a new clip immediately? Photography aside, if this didn't have 4K60 I don't think any Panasonic owner between a GX80 and a GH5 could possibly be interested. But it does have 4K60* And it's £200 cheaper than the GH5. I'll wait on a definitive list of pros and cons after it has been out for nine months and take another look. By then, it will drop another £500 and might be tempting depending on what Sony come up with - which will likely be not a great deal unless you are a pro as opposed to a hobbiest. I suspect that the a7S3 will not have 4K60. If you want that, you'll have to go high end. *4K50 in the UK
  13. Test. That's good enough for me.
  14. Tried to explain this to somebody until I was blue in the face. He didn't listen and cannot understand why his pans are struggling. He blames the camera. Tried to explain how to walk with the camera, smoothing out jitters by walking as if you have crapped yourself - didn't listen, bobbing footage, blames the camera. Actually, he blames me because he tried to copy my style and bought the same camera as me thinking that results would be the same even if he did the opposite to what I advised regarding movement. I despair.
  15. I know what you mean about the a7sii. After buying the GX80 a few months ago, I even forgot how to use the Sony. But I went out and about with it at the weekend, using only manual focus and the 55 f1.8 - shooting everything wide open - and fell in love again. I was hunting for specific shots, so everything was controlled, but to have that subject isolation popping sharply was a joy to see again. I'll just be using the GX80 for street run and gunning (my original intention) but got carried away with the ease of use over the Sony. If I had money to burn I'd get the GH5 but have a nagging suspicion that I would only really use it for 4k 60p and little else.
  16. Isn't Master Pedestal the one thing that nobody really understood and roundly advised not to change when the GH4 came out? What does it do?
  17. Shot thousands of hours on Sandisk cards and the eldest ones (four years) are as good as new.
  18. I prefer to buy batteries and memory cards from camera stores - Amazon is awash with inferior copies of small 'everyday' peripheral items.
  19. That was my route and I don't regret it. My mid 2011 iMac really struggles with effect heavy 4K (especially if the clip/s are longer than a couple of minutes) but the maxed out 5K version screams through everything I throw at it.
  20. Depends what you are editing. Both of those are going to choke and both will cut through footage like butter depending on what you are doing.
  21. Davey

    YT standards...

    There's nothing else to shoot so zoom camera under this arch. We've all been there.
  22. Yes. They do work, though - just check out Harv's video and audio stuff on YouTube. He has got the best results using S-log 2 and Pro Color.
  23. Sorry, can't help you any further.
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