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  1. Can you tell us more ? what exactly did you purchased and how use it!
  2. maybe its because of EIS...it needs more room to do good electronic stabilization.
  3. for skin tones, what is he right exposure method for slog2 ?
  4. android phones cannot record even a single stream 4k 60p without time limits-overheating...2 are impossible for a long time !
  5. toxotis70

    Sigma FP

    Cinema dng? Why? 8 bit only..... no thank you!
  6. Is it 4k 60p 10 bit 422 recorded internally? Its full frame or cropped?
  7. something wrong with motion....did you shoot 4k 60p?
  8. Nikon has nothing bigger to protect, as Pany ,Sony and Canon ! same as Fuji did...XT3 witn 4k 60p 10bit FLOG internally
  9. toxotis70

    Sony A6400

    There are other things in a6400 too....biggest positive is the elimination of 29 minutes in video! another good thing is the adoption of HLG video, hdr video without the need of slog.
  10. can i use those profiles on my canon eos m100 ?
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