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GH5 Prototype

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Oh, we are always testing stuff.  Can't confirm or deny WHAT we are testing.

That said...testing is going well.  Wish we had more time to test but at a certain point you just have to call it good (the 15th).

1 bit, 2 bit, 3 bit, 4,

10 is what I have and I couldn't ask for more.

Sensor and lens, balanced and stable,

Shaky footage I cannot capture, even if I am able.

Many words in grey, I wish they were not,

At the top of the list, the word with six thousand dots.




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You just need the right adapter, with the Metabeans Speed Roaster your GH5 can do an espresso just fine!  Just make sure your sensor gets really hot!

I completely fail to see this. A GH4 is vastly preferable to use than a Canon DSLR.  Strongly suspect that the massive majority of preferences for Canon's so called "ergonomics" is just to the *h

May the 4th be with you, Luke!

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4 minutes ago, Don Kotlos said:

@Neumann Films if you wanted more shaky footage could you let's say use a GX85 with ibis on? 

Also if I wanted to buy a camera in the future what codec would you suggest ? 

 I am afraid I might have more fun decoding your messages than transcoding my future files.

Codecs are codecs, whatever is necessary is usually used IMO.  Some are slower than others but I imagine Adobe and others will figure it out over time. I have never used a GX85.

There is always a "post cost" for a "production gain" when it comes to camera/codec.  So I think it will all come down to what you're shooting and how you plan to finish.  Some shots will call for the beefier codec (where a lot of grading will be used).  If that's not the case, I would probably just go with the lesser codec.

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So whatever it is what you are testing ;)
How are the noise levels comparing it to a GH4? As on the GH4 iso1600 was unusable for me. Hopefully on this new camera there will be a massive improvement on this department. And how about the Dynamic Range, is it small upgrade or quite good? And finally is it still the same codec or could we expect something different like h265?



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This is the specs for the Olympus EMI mkII sensor. I would imagine it will be the same for the Panny GH5. At the bottom of page is the sensor specs.


So I guess it will be

Sensor resolution:5208 x 3916

Max. image resolution:5184 x 3888

Guess that works out to be 20.8mp sensor with 20.4mp output, or 6k there abouts. :confused:

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So, it doesn't have IBIS, and has 2 codecs, a beefier one, and probably a lighter (H265?) one. Having 2 codecs will be interesting. 10 bit internal and the such. The 15th that it was indicated in the first post means that the tests will be concluded at the 15th of December? If yes, then it will be available from February or something? 

Can anyone recap all the info, certainties etc??!!

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4 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

Sensor resolution:5208 x 3916

Max. image resolution:5184 x 3888

Guess that works out to be 20.8mp sensor with 20.4mp output, or 6k there abouts. :confused:

No, 6K is ONLY a measure of horizontal resolution not the total MP count.

A 5208 x 3916 sensor cannot be 6K. It is 5.2K.

It's a common misconception it seems.

Not surprising as the cinema terminology is usually bollocks :)

3 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

So, it doesn't have IBIS?

Please NOOOOOOO don't let this be true.

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