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  1. not 100% sure but it looks very much alike my nikkor 35mm 1.4 ais lens.
  2. Can the canon 6d do more than 30fps in raw 10bit 2.35? like 48fps?
  3. my guess is 28mm f2
  4. if you know the filter diameter you can look up a photo taken straight forward and see how many percent is the element and just do the math yourself
  5. As someone who is highly active on youtube i've never heard of this before, were did you learn that?
  6. They're fine but would love some full res photos to be able to judge better. thank you, i saw some ridiclously high priced ones on eBay
  7. You would be the best ever if i could maybe some picture samples from that lens!
  8. Has anyone on here used any of these lenses? Tokina SD 28-70 f3.5-45 Tokina rmc 28-70 f4 Tokina rmc 28-85 f4 If so i would love to hear what you think!
  9. wow very clever design to fit the speedbooster optics between two mounts with such similar flange distances.
  10. Sorry for bumping this back but does anyone have any none-protune clips i could you use? go pro model does not matter, best if its 1080p you can use https://wetransfer.com email is svenssonlovebror@gmail.com Thanks
  11. well how can it do 6k photo without 6000 pixels across?
  12. well the a7sii isn't known to be very good at af even with native lenses is it? I think the mc-11 only works good with a7ii, a7rii and 16300
  13. beautiful place and video! I was there a couple weeks ago.
  14. oh thank you very much! highly appriciate it
  15. Bump, would very highly apriciate some footage, if anyone has some Hero 3 footage!
  16. Hey everyone, i've been thinking about maybe getting an hero 3+ used because of how cheap they are getting but i would love to play with some footage before i do. If anyone have some gopro hero 3 or 3+ footage (preferable in protune) that i could play round with that would be very kind! Wetransfer.com is a great way to link the files if you have some. Thanks in advance!
  17. yes for sure, very very minimal rolling shutter aswell on the nx500.
  18. the real question is, what happened to 2.7k? it would be amazing to see all these 4k capable cameras that can to 1080p120fps to add an 2.7k 60fps mode.
  19. you can fix the distortion very easy in post, i did it all the time with hero 2 back in the day.
  20. well the 1dc has all the features of the 1dx, check out some 1dx reviews and you will quickly learn how amazing it is as a stills camera.
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