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  1. you can use it on a7 (i have done it). They just mean you "cant" use it in full frame mode because you get a massive vignette. In apsc mode it works great.
  2. i dont shoot a lot of video, im more of a stils guy myself but when i shoot video i need 1080p 60fps and upload it to youtube and tbh the people who watch my videos are used to most people using t3i's shooting 720p so it defiently good enough for me. I see your argument and you make good points, still think that 1300 is ridicoulous price.
  3. sorry to confuse, 8.5mm aperture opening. I used to shoot gh3 with a 25mm 1.4 and just last year switched to the A7 and have been using a Nikkor 55mm 2.8 micro an am getting very similar results, what you are saying about 4k and all that is very much so true but that has nothing to do with the highly priced lens. As for a 24mm 2.8 lens that is very sharp and is very well coreccted i would like to say the olympus om one. That lens sell for around 100$, you can then ad a used 5d ii for 700$ and you are well under the 1300$ mark. Also i haven't yet seen any pics or test from the 12mm 1.4 yet so in reality its very hard to say if it worth the money. Im not trying to start an argument, just letting my opinon out there.
  4. i was also surprised by the Continous AF on the x pro 2, didn't know that it had such good capability!
  5. yeah but its as big of an hole as an f1.4 on a 12mm lens, aka 8.5mm, which happens to be the same as 2.8 on a 24mm lens. I know i wont convince you but i've never seen anything that proves to me that something like an 25mm 1.4 on m43 does not give the same look as an 50mm 2.8 on FF.
  6. I'm helping out a friend to find which camera to buy and stumbled upon this video. It's interesting how far good colour and a nice 1080p video can get you vs the wierdly magenta casted slog 3 footage.
  7. i mean like, you could get a full frame camera and a 24mm 2.8 for less than this lens itself and get pretty much the exact same results.
  8. what a joke of a price, like really. How much harder is it to make than a regular 24mm 2.8 for full frame?
  9. as a guy who is in the skateboarding filming industry i can confirm that +80% of the cameras used are t3i, 6d and mark iii. Some use the a7s but most stick with canon. I think the reason is that the image is "good enough" for a lot people. Seeing that a lot of skate videos still are filmed with sony x2100 and vx1000's the canon image defiently look better than those.
  10. Thank you so much guys! It was my nd throttle who caused it!
  11. So i need this shot for a video im making where i click start to a song on my phone, but when i film my phone the screen turns all "rainbowy". Is this because of the moire problem of my Sony A7 or is it something else? Does anyone have a clue on how i can fix it?
  12. I would go with this one http://www.amazon.com/Rokinon-Samsung-Digital-Cameras-RK12M-NX/dp/B00JD4TACI
  13. Does anyone by chance have both the canon fd 50mm 1.4 and the canon ef 5omm 1.4? I need to get a new 50mm would like to know how they compare at 1.4 and if its really worth the extra money for the EF version.
  14. there's a couple here in sweden selling for 600$, its pretty easy to get one for that price
  15. the raw video out of that camera is also really something else.
  16. Im excited to buy an mark ii when the mark Iv drops. I know a lot of people who skipped the upgrade to the mark iii because of the not to big changes. I think the mark ii will hit <500$ mark.
  17. the rsmb plugin is an a amazing tool once you figure it out, it has saved me a lot of times when nd wasn't an option.
  18. i've done comparison with all the big options for optical flow/twixtor effects. From what i could in tell this is the list i got, the things i judged was how smooth the clip got, how the background acted behind the subject and the amount of artefacts. 1. Da vinci Resolve 2. Twixtor 3. Fcpx 4. after effects timewarp 5. Sony vegas (unusable) One thing to add is if you like to add the effect which i use sometime were you have a clip of lets say a skateboarder jumping and you want do have a super slow motion clip of it just floating in the air for a couple of seconds and you slow the clip down to 2-3% i found that the built in FCPX optical flow worked the best, both twixtor and da vinci have a hard time making up that many frames and i found that i got some stuttering.
  19. i now use resolve as my main Nle instead of adobe premiere/after effects and i find the built in "twixtor" to be just as good if not better than the AE version.
  20. http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/5/25/11767134/xiaomi-mi-drone-release-date-price-specs-features very exciting times with all these amazing devices dropping so much in price.
  21. in reality most people who buy these cameras have no clue how to handle protune footage and they will just hear that its good then do nothing to it in post and it will look awful
  22. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1hd5chlw73fwta5/HereYaGo.mov
  23. i must say that i prefer the colours form the Yi
  24. A little thing i've used when exposing dslrs with very flat picture profiles is to try expose the scene first with the slog then switch to the standard picture style just to see the exposure then go back and change the settings and repeat till you got something good, you will often notice that you are underexposing very much because in slog everything is in the midtones.
  25. the picture in the first post is very very under exposed, all log profiles have noisy shadows especially if you are at iso 3200+. i recommend you to shoot +1 even when in low ight situations
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