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  1. Is the m8 full frame?
  2. I doubt many new electronic lenses will keep the value in the future but im sure manual lenses like the zeiss and leica lenses with always have their value.
  3. would be awesome to see Bmpcc with an CCD sensor like the one in the D16, it sounds like something that isn't impossible.
  4. One of the nicest looking digital image i've seen
  5. Why not upload the pieces to youtube instead? Sure you wont make money of the actual video but it will still be up.
  6. i would personally go with the canons, just because they focus the right way.
  7. Thanks for all the helpful information guys!
  8. in what scenarios do you find red clipping to occur most frequently?
  9. Do you mind explaining to me what you mean with "clipping color channel"?
  10. Removing the saturation in camera is one of the things which i've never really questioned or understood why you should do it until recently. What is the reason behind doing this? Wouldn't adding saturation in post vs in camera add more banding and similar? I understand for raw and 10 bit 422 cameras when you have a lot of leeway and are using lü†s, but on an 8bit 420 avdhd image i would only assume that it really isn't that good of an idea. Would love to hear the reasonings behind doing this.
  11. oh awesome, didn't know you could set specific framerates on those cameras.
  12. what camera are you shooting on, ML raw?
  13. you have watched to many of "The Angry photographer"s videos.
  14. now im geniuely excited to try this on my a7, i hate that NTSC thing
  15. Great video @wolf33d! What sound effect is the sweeping sound at 00:27?
  16. april in sweden can be pretty much any season, sometimes it snows like crazy and sometimes its 20 degrees celcius.
  17. this lens + vizelex nd throttle sounds like an awesome combo with the A7 series cameras.
  18. we need some info about what you shot to tell you that sir.
  19. i use 5900k in daylight with one shift down to magenta
  20. id go with the tokina 17mm 3.5 instead
  21. DId you use some stabalizing software? I see some wierd artefacts here and there.
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