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  1. Thanks for the quick replies guys. Which editing packages would you recommend for a beginner?
  2. Hi First post from a new member. Any recommendations and advice greatly appreciated. Am finding my interest moving over from stills to video and am looking to rationalise my gear and learn about editing etc. Have slowly learnt stills photography by spending countless hours trying things out and learning from the results. Recongise thats probably whats needed for video too but am keen to start off on a good footing. With stills my workflow is RAW files, through DXO Optics pro to JPG. I've had a look round for a decent beginners guide to getting started and most seem very trivial 'use a tripod' type stuff. Please feel free to point me toward some good guides or youtube channels etc, as an absolute beginner I could be searching for the wrong thing. Understand the best bet is to record with sharpness, contrast etc turned down low and add it afterward. Is there a decent free package for doing this/learning on? Been reading lots on here about different camera reviews. I have a Panasonic GX1 with kit lens along with a Nikon D700 and some nice glass. The Nikon doesn't do video at all but the output of the GX1 appears fine to these non videocentric eyes though sadly with no mic input. Which cameras would you recommend? I see the 5d mkii makes it into the League one in the EosHD 2015 list: http://www.eoshd.com/2015/01/dslr-video-quality-rank-january-2015/ This is comparible in cost to my D700 so I could switch ranks easy enough and still have a decent stills camera to boot. Also understand you can get Magic Lantern focus peaking on it which could be good news for legacy lenses. Alternatively there's plenty of Panasonic options on the league two list like the G6 which is available very resonably second hand. The list is two years old now, has anything come to the party thats rendered it obsolete?
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