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  1. Andrew, I've been trying to contact you for almost half a year now, several emails... still no reply. I haven't received any email regarding the upgrade either, what's going on? Please get in touch with me, I'd appreciate it.
  2. I've now received my unit and as you can see on the pictures it shouldn't be a problem! Judging from the pictures of the original Core DNA, the Hardcore version appears to be wider at the back, which is good.
  3. Sounds good! I noticed just by looking at the pictures from the press release that the design is different, and yes you can see that the placement of the screws are further down and it seems that rear section is wider / thicker. I'll upload some pictures once I receive my unit.
  4. The outer diameter of the Anamorphot 1.33x - 50 is 82.6mm The outer diameter of this 77mm ND-filter is 79.9mm Judging from your pictures, removing another 2.7mm in diameter (1.35mm on each side) seems risky. Do you think it'd be possible or do think you'd run into the holes for the nylon screws? It would be neat to clamp the DNA directly to the anamorphot though...
  5. This is great information! Thanks a bunch! If you don't mind I think I'll also show the person who'll be working the lathe your pictures from this thread, it doesn't get any more obvious what to do than that, but I'll of course bring a 77mm step ring too. I was thinking about this regarding the potential vignetting issue, does it actually help to lathe in order to fit 2x 77mm rings instead of 2x 72mm rings? Judging from the pictures it looks like it's going to be the ring closest to the glass that'll be responsible for the vignetting in that case since you won't be able to get the DNA
  6. Thank you so much! This is great! I have no experience what so ever using a lathe... Did you do it yourself our did you go down to the local metal shop? I guess you found a way to remove the glass? Sry for the millions of questions but I'm so curious. I just bought a Hardcore DNA thanks to you
  7. Sounds good! Did you use a lathe? In that case I guess there are no rear threads on the Hardcore any more? Do you happen to have any pictures of the modification?
  8. Indeed, 75mm appear to be the most incompatible front thread on the market. I'm seriously considering buying one and gluing it onto the anamorphot
  9. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to mount the HardcoreDNA to the anamorphot 1.33x 50, but no one on planet earth appears to be making a 77-75mm step-down ring. Any ideas how to mount it? Thanks
  10. Hi all! Is there a way to use an Anamorphot 1.33 - 50 together with a Rectilux 33F-W or Hardcore DNA? We're looking for a single focus solution for an upcoming low budget feature, but I wasn't particularly impressed with the rangefinders optical performance ( a lot of chromatic aberration, patches of blue color and got vignetting at 50mm already on FF) The Rectilux 33F-W looks solid but I can't seem to find a way to mount it to the the Anamorphot. Then there's the Hardcore DNA, but I can't find a step-down ring from 77 to 75mm in order to fit it on the Anamorphot. Is there another wa
  11. Hi Martin, try this: For those of you who own a Mac with the latest OS update, you can use the Nightshift function and adjust the warmth of the screen with the help of the slider, works great too! I believe all of us (including myself) asking for the S-log2 settings are well aware of the banding issue and the fact that S-log2 needs grading. I've personally never had any issues with banding in S-log2 on my A7sII, and I personally believe that S-log2 is worth the "hassle" for the extra dynamic range and highlight protection, but also for it's grading compatibilities.
  12. Will be shooting a project this summer and we have a Sony A7S II at our disposal. Since grading capabilities is limited, we want the most accurate color possible straight out of the camera, and EOSHD Pro Color is by far the best profile I've seen out there, but we'll be shooting S-log2 for various reasons. Would anyone be so kind to PM me the specific S-log2 settings from the old document given that I provide proof that I've actually bought the profile?:) I've read so much good stuff about the EOSHD Pro Color s-log2 settings, so I was confused when I discovered it had been pulled. Any rea
  13. Precisely my thought We'll use a lens support because of the heavy setup, it'll be a very heavy rig but I don't bother, a couple of weeks of back pain is definitely worth the look we're hoping to achieve
  14. Hi all! I have an upcoming project which we'd love to shoot anamorphic. However, we're on a tight budget and since renting anamorphic lenses is not an option, we're now looking into the possibility of shooting with SLR Magic's Anamorphot 1.33x - 50, together with their rangefinder. We'll be shooting Full Frame on the Sony A7s II with the Sigma MC-11 adapter and Speedbooster for those APS-C shots. The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x - 50 requires the taking lens to have a front element of no more than 50mm, preferably less. Our original idea was to shoot on the Sigma ART series since we need fa
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