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  1. 1 hour ago, stefanocps said:

    hello need some help with autofocus in videomode. With all change made form firmware, and also because i have never used that much my xt3 i don't have still so clear how to use it

    Mainly, for now, i want to be able to control focus either by pressing with my finger on the screen , to have that part in focus. Or, once i have set my focus box somewhere in the screen the focus should be always automatically in that box, wheter i move the camera or what is in front of my camera change or move

    I have notice that if the camera autofocus on a part on its own, is slower than if i tap on the screen t focus. And sometimes that slowness is better.but i don t exactly know how it works

    The use of that function on the screen, the hand with finger on upper right corner, yet it is no very clear. AF,area,off,shot..If i set it to AF, when i tap the screen goes to off,,,


    well i have some  confusion, for start i woul like to know how to focus in the 2 ways above, while mantaining face detection. Btw, can detect 2 faces?

    thank you

    Use AF-C and position your focus box to where you want.

    Turn off Face detection as well, it can detect more than 5 faces and you can assign a button to change faces.

  2. On 10/15/2020 at 12:07 AM, Emanuel said:

    Just watched... These type of PROs ain't used to this level of devices, so they don't even realize Camera2 API exists in order to have sharpness under control:

    Pure marketing. Not the best skillful pro to put behind a mobile device like this one is :- )

    Camera2 API is for Android.

    iOS camera API does not yet allow sharpness/noise reduction control in either photo or video mode.

  3. Can the background colour be a dark neutral gray instead of navy blue? It's still blue light and may be too much of a visual stimuli, defeating the purpose of a dark theme which is often used at night.

    Also can the forum width be a bit wider? I find 80% still leaves too much blank space.

  4. 45 minutes ago, Amazeballs said:

    I tiny 1\2.3 inch 23mp sensor (Sony IMX667) will give us even worth DR than the previous GoPRO. Why oh why do they keep using those tiny puny sensors? Why not put an IMX700 (same as in Huawei P40, 1\1.28 inch) in there?

    If new Osmo Action will use IMX700 or similar, they will crush GoPro.

    Sony Semicon imposes strict licensing restrictions, one of these restrictions is that certain sensors can only be put in specific products (eg. mobile phone only).

    This is why drone cameras from Autel/DJI have only recently started using the more than 3 years old IMX586 sensor.

  5. Yeah, a simple qualifier and a small amount of blur got rid of the moire:


    It must have happened by coincidence - the texture of the t-shirt and the sharpness/focusing of the lens produced just the right amount of high frequency detail that the sensor could not resolve.

    Maybe next time you can ask the subject to be shirtless, moire-free guaranteed and you'd get more views 😆

  6. Just now, Llaasseerr said:

    I considered the dual gain architecture of the ALEV III. If you can point to a link of how the in-sensor highlight rolloff works, I'd be interested to understand. But it makes more sense to me that the high gain and low gains readouts are merged into a single high dynamic range linear image before being converted to log.

    It's not done "in-sensor". The two readout paths are both derived from 14bit ADCs, they are processed and merged by a 16bit ISP. Roll-off as well as other ARRI colour science processing happen when doing this 28bit > 16bit conversion.

  7. 1 minute ago, Llaasseerr said:

    It's a common myth that there is "highlight rolloff" from a sensor. It reads linear light values and hard clips at a certain point - there is no highlight compression, unlike with film negative. Highlight rolloff is a product of how much dynamic range a sensor captures combined with the filmic s-curve applied either in-camera or in post.

    If you want more clarification on this, here are some links:




    There's absolutely highlight roll-off on a digital sensor with dual/multiple gain readout. The roll-off is applied when merging the high gain and low gain readout path, which is how ARRI does it.

  8. 52 minutes ago, Kino said:

    This is some of the best footage I have seen from the camera. A7SIII colors and DR rival 16 bit linear RAW from F5/F55 from a few years ago, all of that in a 10 bit 4:2:2 codec:

    In the hands of a capable shooter, the lack of internal RAW is no limitation at all.

    It has good cinematography, but it doesn't show a lot of DR, especially in highlights (F5/F55 don't have much highlight DR either, around 6EV).

    Pay close attention to the way the sun and the surrounding clouds were blown out,

  9. 2 hours ago, ajay said:

    Is there any mention of improved recovery time? That's the other factor. Is the crazy recovery times due to temperature or firmware? If it's firmware, there's no hope other than Canon to fix it.

    He shot 15min 8K All-I (no overheating warning showed up). Turned off for 10min, then kept going non-stop till the 512GB card was full.

    But, when he shot 20min 8K until the camera auto shut off, then cooled the camera to ice cold with an AC, he could only shoot additional 5min of 8K.

    FLIR camera showed the CMOS at 44C and CPU/main board at 69C when the camera auto shut off.

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