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  1. 1 minute ago, Jay60p said:

    So there is no oversampling for 4K. How could this match the IQ of the X-T3/4 and all the other 24-26 megapixel cameras for 4K video?

    My X-T3 is oversampling from 6K to 4K.  Seems to me the 422 or 16 bit raw wouldn't matter much if the lack of oversampling results in a softer

    image.  Or is this new 12 megapixel sensor a major new technology?

    Oversampling minimises moire/aliasing, it does not directly correlate to better DR.

  2. 8 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    BS maybe.

    "In-sensor scaling" = pixel binning or oversampling...That is the question. Because binning, skipping, implies you are not sampling all the data, but with averaging and combining data from all photosites, the story is very different.

    I am curious how the 12K RAW stuff does not infringe on RED's patents BTW.

    Changing the CFA is enough?

    I doubt that.

    Well put.


  3. BMD patent document on the URSA 12K sensor design:



    Actual CFA pattern:



    In the document, it specifically discusses colour-aware pixel-binning to increase sensitivity and double framerate, at the expense of lower resolutions. So the "oversampling" mentioned in marketing is without doubt BS, at least for full FOV framerates higher than 60fps.

    Because if it oversamples from full 12K, then the oversampled modes cannot exceed 60fps which is the full readout max fps.

    Maybe there's a feature similar to R5's "4K HQ" mode.

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