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  1. interesting, I wonder if its as easy as taking the back off and switching. I have a Nikon rear mount I'll have to check.
  2. Yes but its becoming everything. Everyone drives now. Heck I'll be out sometimes and there is like no one on the streets. Its all cars. Depends where you live obviously but technology changes everything. There is skill even to using auto focus though as silly as it may sound. Panasonic announced an AI auto focus system for their full frame cameras, there is the future.
  3. I do agree random auto focus would be kind of fruitless. Most auto focus is based around a certain area of the image(center or wherever you select). I do a lot of touch auto focusing on the fuji. Object tracking can be super useful though.
  4. Auto focus becomes relevant when it can replace manual focus and be cheaper and easier. Its how technology works. Why walk when you can drive.
  5. I'd love to see a under/over dynamic range test for the XT3.
  6. Really surprised by that comparison between the pocket 4k and GH5. It shows how much less dynamic range the GH5 has. Highlight recovery looked pretty amazing. I mean most cameras look great when exposed and white balanced correctly. But this was a great stress test.
  7. I was probably more satisfied with my last short but I can't post it online yet.
  8. There is a brand that does Fuji to Minolta but its kind of crappy one. The Lens Turbo II's are actually really nice, close to metabones quality at least from comparisons tests I've seen. I don't love full frame enough to switch to Sony and lose out on 10bit. I guess I'll just go with a regular adapter.
  9. Yeah I really like my minolta lens lineup, enough where I'd just give up the focal reducer if it can't happen. What kind of corrective glass adapter are you talking about. I am unfamiliar with that term unfortunately. Total noob on this adapting glass stuff.
  10. Do you think that will work better then Nikon? I own a couple Nikon lenses so it would be cool to have it for both. But if it would be problematic I'd just get the Canon as I want my minolta lenses adapted more.
  11. Basically I am looking to use a focal reducer to adapt my minolta lenses to my Fuji camera for a full frame field of view. Lens Turbo doesn't make any fuji to minolta mount speedboosters. I am wondering if its possible to buy one of their other speedboosters (canon ef, nikon, or c mount) and use an adapter to attach a minolta lens to it?
  12. TBH aliasing is a bigger deal to me then sharpness. The moire performance is also a big deal, moire can really ruin otherwise good shots.
  13. Really makes me consider getting the GH5 again.
  14. We've only seen the S1R, I don't think we've seen photos of the S1, which is the video centered camera. Could very well have a standard pana screen.
  15. I agree, they are pretty much a new player to some extent. I am pretty sure Sony will release an A7S3 very soon.
  16. Also the fact that I just have zero interest in the body what so ever haha.
  17. I wonder if it will have 10bit 60p? DFD auto focus once again. Panasonic what are you doing. It says it has a deep learning AI, so maybe that is something? Regardless camera tech is really going through the roof. As of now though I am still set on a Fuji XT3. Medium format interests me tho.
  18. I agree, looks video'ish. But I think its more the production then the camera, but I'd say that about almost anything. For me the cinema look comes from professionals who have the knowledge and budget to make it happen. Glass definitely plays a part as well.
  19. I was more talking about the cost of an A7II, not sony in general. I more dislike the size rather then the cost of full frame glass. I actually have full frame vintage lenses I use for manual focus. For quick shooting though its hard to beat the size of Fuji lenses. My F2 lenses are just a hair bigger then my M43 lenses.
  20. If you are sure you want to stay with Sony full frame its probably not a bad purchase. That said for the price I'd never consider getting one.
  21. Just saw this on youtube. Auto focus looks awesome.
  22. I really miss my GH5. I loved the size of the camera. Felt so good in the hands and the IBIS was quite good. That said I am switching to Fuji. XT3 is going to be mine soon. The camera will be rigged up on a gimbal, monopod or shouldercam for serious work anyways. I'd love to get into anamorphic shooting but its just to pricey atm.
  23. Yeah Cheap ND's and log don't mix well. That guys 120fps video was shot at 200 shutter speed so that might account for the choppiness. Still wondering if the 120fps is 10bit???? Why do pros need the top display? I am also curious to see what the XT30(XT20 step up) is going to have. Maybe less FPS for stills, no 120fps or log? If it has 10bit it seems like log would make sense though.
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