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  1. I'll definitely take it into a centre when I'm back home. Good thing I live in Korea, I suppose... I'll see if they can sort things out. Thanks for the help, folks.
  2. Yeah...I always just thought some of the modes were a little wonky, but given its (consistently bad) performance as of late, I reckon it's going to need a thorough checkup. It did manage to open up to F/2.5 today, though...progress? yikes...
  3. Nope. This is the only NX lens I have, and the only one I have access to around me.
  4. So I've got an NX1 and 16-50f/2-2.8 that I bought used about 1.5 years ago. I bought it mainly for video with manual lenses and so haven't actually used it a ton for photography. I never used it enough to really get comfortable with it, and always preferred using a Canon instead. Anyway, I'm on vacation in Bermuda for the holidays and I've been using it more. Although I did just slightly dent the drive dial on the left and now it won't turn and the ISO button won't push. Jeez... Some of the issues that I's had pop up in the past are really getting to me. Anyone else experience these problems?: (Both body and lens are on the most recent firmware) 1. Lens only opens up to f/2.8, not f/2 (although I'm pretty sure it used to in the past) 2. If I focus and recompose, even with the shutter button half-pushed, the camera will drift out of focus. 3. The camera will often just fail to focus. Good light, lost of contrast, single-point AF - like, an unbelievably easy scene on which to focus - hunting back and forth, and then it fails. 4. Infinity focus seems especially poor...I'll sometimes switch the camera into manual focus and infinity just isn't there! I've got in on 8x magnification, and the ring just won't get me there! In fact, sometimes I'll try to use AF, then when it fails, switch to MF. The 8x mag shows me the shot is out of focus, so I turn the ring...nothing...then turn it more out of focus and try to turn it back into focus...and it won't even focus as far as it just had in auto! Infuriating! Anyway, as I type this list I realise that I've probably got a funky setup... Still, any help is appreciated!
  5. I had this same problem, where the mobile menu would pop up every few seconds. It was just after I'd installed the hack, so I was worried I'd blown something up. I tried popping the battery, reinstalling the firmware, etc., but all to no avail. Took it to the Samsung service centre (a benefit of living in South Korea!), and it was actually the wifi button that had gotten a little sticky - a purely hardware issue. I remember trying the wifi button, and thinking it was maybe sticking, but just like you, Koen, it was difficult to reproduce that way. I think it was something a little farther inside
  6. The intro text at the very beginning just states that it's called 'Red Mirage,' that he used the Red Dragon 6K and NX1, the model's name, that it was edited in Final Cut Pro X... Then starting from about 3:20... "The Crane/Crane V2 dual-handle kits were sold out, so this video was shot with one hand on the gimbal and the other holding an LED light. A Manfrotto LED with an internal battery was used, and it was shot with the NX1 and a 12-24 wide-angle lens. (This was the outside spinning shot). The opening was shot with the Red Dragon 6K at 6144 X 2592. The lens was a Tokina cine lens. Outside of the opening, all the shots were with the NX1 on a one-hand gimbal crane (the Zhiyun Crane) or on an Edelkrone slider. The Red Epic Dragon and NX1 that were used for filming." So, in short, the inside opening was the Red Dragon, and it seems all the outdoor shots were with the NX1. Not bad! I'm glad I picked one up used a couple weeks ago...
  7. Hey all, This is looking like a pretty awesome development. Just a few quick questions... 1) Is this only for EF lenses? It looks like the female mount contact is too shallow to allow for EF-S... Although I think Andrew said you could stick the Sigma 18-35 on it. 2) This is currently a 'dumb' adaptor, right? So while you get the fov and 1-stop light gathering boost from using an EF lens, a modern lens without a manual aperture ring will be locked wide-open. Correct? Think the timelapse trick of locking the aperture using the DOF preview would work? Although that would be a pain to do... 3) The talk of having an electronic version in the future... It sounds like that would still require Aputure control, right? Would this ever support direct active aperture control from the camera to lens? Any IS abilities? Thanks! There are some decent deals on NX1 and 16-50 kits here in South Korea right now.
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