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    ssrdd reacted to Gregormannschaft in Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR   
    Interesting. Looks like they're working on making the R primarily for photos again, and hopefully, the SIII will see actual proper improvements for video. Or not, and I have 0 reason to upgrade, which will also make me happy.
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    ssrdd reacted to Dunjoye in Canon C200 or 1DX mkII for 4K 60fps   
    A reminder of how gorgeous the 1dx can be straight out of the can 
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    ssrdd reacted to gt3rs in Canon C200 or 1DX mkII for 4K 60fps   
    150 Mbits LGOP only at the moment, not really the perfect codec...
    The title of the post is C200 or 1Dx II for 4k 60p ....on paper both ar better than EVA1 for the OP. Real life could be different
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    ssrdd reacted to Mattias Burling in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    The GH5 isn't a DSLR.. just saying
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    ssrdd reacted to IronFilm in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    Back in the film age did you also believe all SLR manufactures should also manufacture their own film as well??
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    ssrdd reacted to Aussie Ash in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    The Nikon D850 doesn't use a Sony sensor you silly "Canon person"
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    ssrdd got a reaction from IronFilm in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    4 things i hope they can add in firmware, then i leave sony for good.
    *4k peaking
    *4k slowmotion
    *4k highbitrate
    *Face [Focus] tracking
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    ssrdd reacted to Andrew Reid in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    Dinosaur or T-rex?
    Read the full blog post
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    ssrdd reacted to jacoblewis in Nikon D850 vs everything   
    Add 4K60p and phase detection autofocus and I’m in!
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    ssrdd reacted to Tim Sewell in Very cool 30 day sea voyage timelapse   
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    ssrdd reacted to Kisaha in First Footage From EVA1   
    @ssrdd 4K ain't worth the price (or the effort). I will stop shooting video until 8K cameras cost less than 999$.
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    ssrdd reacted to Arikhan in The new Sony RX10 IV can shoot 24p RAW stills   
    C'mon @BTM_Pix, overheating is a feature...An important innovation, helping shooters to plan their takes carefully. It simply doesn't make sense nowadays to shoot Godfather IV in a single, continuous take. Overheating warnings are nothing but artistic reminders...
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    ssrdd reacted to Oliver Daniel in Sony's new full frame CineAlta camera is announced: VENICE   
    Typical Sony Skin Tones Grading Session: 
    1. Pull towards magenta.
    2. Pull back to green. 
    3. Pull a bit more back to magenta. 
    4. A little nudge towards green.
    5. Slight more magenta.
    6. Increment of green. 
    7. Too magenta, or too green? 
    8. Arrgh sod it, looks good enough. 
    The A6500 has the best skin tones at the lower end. 
    FS7 and F55 and barely any different. 
    The issue I've found is mostly the suspect white balance on Sony consumer cameras. Doesn't work as expected. This causes crap looking footage uploaded to Vimeo. 
    On the VENICE, it looks like if you press button on it, a building nearby will explode. 
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    ssrdd reacted to Andrew Reid in Shooting 5K on the Panasonic GH5 with the new 'Open Gate' mode   
    With the new firmware 2.0 update, the Panasonic GH5 becomes the first 5K 10bit H.265 mirrorless camera, and you don't even need an anamorphic lens to join the party.
    Read the full article
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    ssrdd reacted to jpfilmz in LOL Canon... C200 Codec "Upgrade" details announced   
    To be brutally honest....Most camera reviewers and early adopters do a PISS poor job of filming good subject matter and showing off the strengths of the camera being evaluated.  They WASTE so much time blabbing about tech specs and and showing themselves on screen TALKING about features of the camera VS shooting something and SHOWING the features.  No one wants to watch 3 minutes of a talking head and 1 minute of sample clips.  Take for instance the C100...folks swear its merely a documentary camera.  Below are some test shots I took for a web series I'm working on with the C100MK2. Clog with light grade upscaled to 4k.  I'm betting the C200 looks even better.
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    ssrdd reacted to Andrew Reid in LOL Canon... C200 Codec "Upgrade" details announced   
    I'm joking guys.
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    ssrdd reacted to Andrew Reid in LOL Canon... C200 Codec "Upgrade" details announced   
    Where are YOU going to get 10bit 4K 4:2:2 LOG and 180fps slow-mo for $6000?
    Not Canon!
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    ssrdd got a reaction from webrunner5 in The wraps are off! Panasonic EVA1 compact cinema camera announced with Super 35 5.7K sensor and Dual Native ISO   
    4k 400mbps is lie or clic bait from initial advertisements
    4k 60fps is 8bit in year 2017
    2k 240fps is cropped with 8bit in year 2017
    5.7k resolution is God knows when upgrade and not internal
    2500 ISO max usable
    No Autofocus
    How cool is it for calling 7500/- cheap!
    I think after canon, Panasonic started smoking same shit in my opinion. Overall its a marketing gimmick in year 2017.
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    ssrdd reacted to Antonis in RED RAVEN. Only available in Apple Store.   
    Red basically realized they were selling the Raven way too cheap. 
    Pretty sure the profit margin on this new package deal went way up.
    Old "Basic I/O Package" Red Raven price was:
    RED RAVEN BRAIN w/ Media Bay / Canon EF Mount
    DSMC² Base I/O V-Lock Expander
    1 x RED MINI-MAG - 120GB
    DSMC² Universal Handle
    1-Year Standard Warranty
    $9,950 / $1,000 Deposit
    Now they throw in a FCPX code, two IDX batteries, a Sigma lens and a hardcase all "valued" at around $2000
    and sell the new package for $14,999.95.
    Smart move if you ask me.  
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    ssrdd reacted to BTM_Pix in RED RAVEN. Only available in Apple Store.   
    Its a bit mind boggling to consider the sort of fanboy cult an alliance between RED and Apple could potentially produce.
    Its going to be like the moonies merging with the scientologists.
    Via USB-C
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    ssrdd reacted to EthanAlexander in Recommend me a GH5 Kit   
    Have you tried Grindr?
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    ssrdd reacted to aldolega in The wraps are off! Panasonic EVA1 compact cinema camera announced with Super 35 5.7K sensor and Dual Native ISO   
    True, assigning dollar amounts to features is a crude way of evaluating a camera. But I think my overall point stands: at this point, with what we know or can reasonably assume about the camera (GH5 LSI, AF performance), the camera is overpriced- even when disregarding the GH5 and strictly comparing to it's intended competitors (FS5/7/7II, C300II, UMP, C200).
    I also think assuming the EVA will be a Varicam at half the price is a bit foolhardy- at least when recording internally. Processing and codec are very important parts of the image pipeline, and if it's the GH5 LSI in the EVA, I doubt it will be packing Varicam magic into 150Mbps. Surely the image will be a bit nicer than the GH5's, just because of the better sensor: but quadruple-the-cost better?
    I'm betting the EVA will be a lot like the FS5- nice form factor, nice sensor, really nice image when outputting raw to a (bulky, fiddly, expensive) external recorder.... weak-ish internal codec that's a lot closer to what's in their consumer photo cams (GH5 or A-series, respectively) than their pro cams (Varicam or FS7/7II/F5).
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    ssrdd reacted to jcs in Light L16 - A Camera Breakthrough!   
    It's similar to VR- lots of hype but until certain elements are massively improved, these technologies won't be desired by the mainstream. There will be casualties along the way, though neither will completely disappear. At some point in the future, when VR gets 3D without glasses and computational cameras produce quality HDR 3D video (from high quality 3D depth data), they'll get married and everyone will be happy.
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    ssrdd reacted to Digital Master in Pro camcorders? They're pointless creatively.   
    With special talent like Michel Gondry, no need of "fiddly" DSLR, a simple modern smarphone is enough. Less is more ! And....French Touch !

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    ssrdd got a reaction from HockeyFan12 in Pro camcorders? They're pointless creatively.   
    Sony fs5 is a bummber from the beginnng from the day one why cry now
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