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  1. With special talent like Michel Gondry, no need of "fiddly" DSLR, a simple modern smarphone is enough. Less is more ! And....French Touch !
  2. @Andrew Reid "An extra step though it might be, transcoding to ProRes in that is 100% necessary for Mac users wanting to edit in Premiere but for Windows users the situation is worse. ProRes isn’t supported out of the box and most of the popular transcoding apps are freeware solutions like Rocky Mountain Movie Converter (*shudder*). They’re nowhere near the level EditReady is at. EditReady is the best $50 I’ve ever spent.". Hello Andrew, (copy of nearly same message in another news comment about another Davinci Reolve 14 subject, i apologize) I made editing on my Windows 10
  3. @Andrew Reid Hello Andrew, not sure you're right when you write :"It’s just a shame Windows users aren’t so lucky. The transcoding apps suck on Microsoft’s platform and ProRes is an Apple codec". I made editing on my Windows 10 laptop with Davinci Resolve 12.5 and i work with Prores video files without the need of Quicktime 7 Pro (obsolete now) . I transcode mov H264 files from Canon EOS with ClipToolz convert, a robust well fitted video trancoder to get HD Ready smallest files in Prores. And i own other transcoder apps with ProRes output file option. There is
  4. And from anywhere ! But not the built in codec from the GH3 platform and 50mbit and 72mbit ALL-I codecs.... :-( Panasonic launches tweaked AG-AF105A MFT pro camcorder with 10-bit HD video http://www.engadget....-with-10-bit-v/
  5. Exclusive news from France ! And now a Panasonic AG-AF101A 1080 50p / 10 bits 4:2:2 http://www.magazinevideo.com/news-628.htm http://www.focus-numerique.com/panasonic-ag-af101a-passe-hdtv-1080-50p-news-3734.html
  6. Hello ! Emmanuel Pampuri who tested the GH3 said that a XLR grip could be a next feature (he asked for XLR accessory when invited by Panasonic to give his feeling on features for future GH3). So the market need a mixed DSLR beetween Pana GH3, Nikon D600, Sony A99 and Canon 1D C 4K.... :) How many years to wait for an affordable marvellous video pro DSLR ??? :angry: Best regards
  7. [size=5]Hello Andrew & friends.... [/size] [size=5]Some low light tests by Emanuel Pampuri with Lumx GH3 (Beta firmware ...[/size] [size=5]Filmed in Paris... Le Louvre.... [/size] http://vimeo.com/49696913# [size=5]Best regards[/size]
  8. [background=transparent] [b][color=#000000][font=Arial][background=transparent]Hello Andrew [/background][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial][background=transparent]Some interestings links for your paper.. :)[b][background=transparent] [/background][/b][/background][/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=Arial][background=transparent]A French DOP made too an exclusive test of the Lumix GH3...[/background][/font][/color][/b] [/background][background=transparent] [img]http://pampuri.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/pampurigh3.png?w=510&h=382[/img][/background][background=transparent
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