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What do you expect to see in the GH5?


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In-body stabilisation that works in video mode is a must if they want the GH5 to compete at all. Plus it's a feature that would sell the camera alone I think. They could practically just release a GH4 with ibis. 

What I'd really like to see is an MFT version of the A7S: a low-megapixel sensor optimised for 4k video (using the full width of the sensor) that has decent low light performance and better dynamic range.

I'd LIKE to see 10bit internal recording. I doubt it'll happen, but if they keep making a big fuss about log profiles on the GH line and want it to be taken seriously, they have to implement it eventually. Ultimately the whole point of MFT cameras is small size, so selling them on a feature that requires a large external recorder surely can't last. If the BMPCC can do it a GH camera can. 

Another jump in colour quality would be great too.

Not much to ask eh?!

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This is what I'd like to see:

1. Dramatically better low light performance (I think we'll see a small improvement)

2. Internal 10 bit recording (will be surprised if it happens but not shocked)

3. 5 axis IBIS that works with any lens (there will be some type of IBIS but I doubt it comes close to the Olympus IBIS in terms of effectiveness)

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1) Internal ProRes HQ 10 bit
2) usable V-Log (BMPCC style)
3) 5 axis stabilization
4) 1.85, 2.35, 2.39 etc framing guides
5) 240 fps at 1080p

I have no problem with low light, I find it pretty good. Super 35 would be good but it is not a game changer for me. I would prefer internal ProRes HQ 10 bit. 


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Why buy a GH5 when with have full frame A7SII A7RII and soon A6100 with 4K? With better image, better low light, better DoF, better stills picture. 

Only way I buy a GH5, give me:
10bit 4:2:2 
240 fps FHD (even with a 5sec max buffer I am fine)
Clean continuous 120fps in FHD
5 axis stab as effective as Olympus

And if you tell me DoF and Low light from A7SII is not important, then get yourself an RX10/100 with 4K, clean 240fps and stabilization for half a GH4 cost with lens. 

If they want to compete with Sony monsters, they need to push the specs a lot. 

Not to mention 4K is coming soon in DSLRs (Canikon)..

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8-bit 4:2:2 and I would buy it.

(I will buy pretty much the first DSLR/Mirrorless that does, maybe the 5Div)

But, for that, they shall run it in much higher bitrate...

Upcoming post-focus feature will happen.

And I hope for 4K/60p as same as DVX-200.


s35 sensor...ibis...low light...stop.


S35 won't happen, I bet. But, have you used the speedbooster going with the GH series? You'll reach the same optically.

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Wolf has a point really. I didn't quite realise just how far Sony have pushed the bar. The main advantage of the gh series over the Sonys now is the price. And I always felt the gh4 was overpriced anyway. 

Tbh if you're expecting a revolutionary new sensor from Panasonic I think you'd be disappointed. Most likely it will adopt the 20mpx sensor from the GX8. It would be great if they put in a video orientated sensor though

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Internal 10bit 4:2:2 recording with a really robust codec, and a log profile using the full range of available 10bit values. 

That's all I would care for to reconsider the GH line. (My upgrade from the GH2 was a Blackmagic Pocket. And I'd still keep the Pocket alongside a GH5 with the above features.)

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What do i expect, realistically? 


Probably the same body... nominal improvements in AF, RS, DR and ISO (or, more likely, sacrifice those improvements for a higher MP count)... 4K probably still limited to 30p, 1080 gets a bump to 120p, with the same quality loss as 96p now. Possibly clean at 72 or 96fps. Same bitrates or a very small increase. Mayyybe a new V-Log, call it say GH-Log, that has its own curve and uses all 8 bits.


What do I hope for, un- or at least less-realistically?


4K/60 or at least 4K/48. No or very minimal rolling shutter in all modes. Oversized s35 sensor ala JVC LS300. Internal 10-bit 4:2:2. A slightly larger body with a rotating grip ala XC10, and a tilting/extending EVF with a decent eyecup (like a bigger version of the GX8 EVF). 200Mbps across the board, with a burst mode for HFR at say 400Mbps (limited to a few seconds though). 1080 up to 240, stays clean all the way up to 120p.


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