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  1. My camera does exactly like in this video, the good news is that it is not a faulty one Thank you Emanuel!
  2. Ciao Emanuel I tried, but still have a very slow and unpredictable autofocus, not at all near to the exemple of the girl walking... Maybe my camera is faulty: I will try another camera in the shop as soon as possible... Thank you for your kind help and all the best!
  3. I tried to follow those tutorials, but my GH5 won't focus easily: it still continues to hunt slowly and most of the time don't track/follow the subject like in this great example: If you have some special settings I would love to try them. The focus transition is a great add anyway, happy to have it Thank you
  4. That's amazing! I just tried 1-Area and AFC-AFS-AFF, but my GH5 won't focus at all in that mode. The only way to have focus (hunting) is with tracking or face detection: am I using some wrong setting? I normally use manual lenses, so excuse me for the silly question The V-LogL LUT assistant still disappears if I check my recordings between the takes
  5. Wow, that's amazing! I used "tracking" and AFC for autofocusing people that walk and "one zone" for switching between two subjects, I have to try that! Thank you very much! The LUT assistant still disappears, I hope Panasonic will adjust that
  6. I have the 12-40 and had the 40-150. They're quite good with a follow focus, but really difficult from 5mt to infinity and the feeling is not like on the manual lenses. You can easily feel some click and stops when you start to focusing. In my opinion if you need to rack focus with those 2 Olympus lenses you can't without a good follow focus.
  7. Dear all, I open this thread in order to try to list all the bugs of our beloved GH5 cameras and the workarounds to solve them. I updated my GH5 and I saw that if I use the V-LogL with the V-Log View Assist, the LUT disappears if I press the playback button. The only way to let it reappear is to switch from the video mode to C1 or M and then to return to video mode. The autofocus seems the same as in the older firmware. Is it only my camera or do you have the same issue? Thank you! p.s.: the files in ALL-I are very heavy to playback on my 2013 iMac.
  8. I'm an Apple guy, but I'm not too impressed by this new iPhone: I would love to buy an iPhone with a nice real tele lens, not an electronic one, in order to shoot better videos. Anyway, nice design and very good for photos: it is not an 1DC, but I think it is good enough for every day pics...
  9. Dear Andrew, I'm thinking to buy a 5D MkIII for shorts where slow motion is not required. Do you think it performs better then GH5 (which I love, especially with V-Logl)? Is it reliable in long shots? Thank you very much!
  10. Ouch... last week I received my V2 with a discount... now I see why But anyway I'm really happy about it!
  11. Panasonic GH5 and G7. I replaced GH4 and G6 (both great cameras!) and had BlackMagic Pocket and Micro, some Canon etc... but the Lumix are the camera I like most. I recently used the RED Scarlet W, amazing camera, but I'm more then happy with the easy GH5 with V-LogL
  12. Tonino Guerra.... screenwriter of most of my fav. movies! <3 "L'ottimismo è il profumo della vita!" (Cit.)
  13. The point 2 it is what I always did with GH4, G7, now GH5 with my old SturdyCam, with the Glidecam and now with the Crane V2... I'd love to find a different solution using my camera and not switching to a Canon (I like Canon color science but I prefer Panasonic)....
  14. I just took the V2 since there was a nice discount: how do you prefer to focus the subject when using shallow depth of field? Leaving as it is, with an electronic follow focus, hyper-focal, just by eye...??
  15. I bought it on Amazon.it and it arrived in 1 day! http://amzn.to/2vwkrIJ I bought it from Foto Ema: http://amzn.to/2wFbrG6
  16. Thank you! It seems way better then GoPro 5!
  17. Great images! Is it color graded? Which kind of "view" is it (or: did you edit the straight horizon)?
  18. FotoMayer is great, they also have great vintage lenses! There was also MeinFoto.com but has closed.
  19. For my experience, if you don't underexpose the image even the G7 is great in low light. Last week I tried the RED Scarlet-W with the new Zeiss CP3 lenses and Angenieux 30-90 zoom for 3 days and shot most of the images with both RED (in raw) and GH5 with Olympus 12-40 (8 bit). Nothing scientific, just some random shots in difficult conditions: honestly the RED is an AMAZING camera, easy to use, super professional, I'd love to buy it... but the GH5 is not bad at all and for my everyday shooting (music videos and shorts) it is far more easy to manage and probably more creative thanks to its dimensions (I would not put the Scarlet on a cheap drone or on a Gorillapod). I'm not saying that the GH5 is in the same league, one is an Hollywood camera, the other is a prosumer little camera, but I do love it! V-LogL il great, far better then with GH4 (less noise etc) and to be honest, also RED has some noise in the shadows. Of course you can get rid of that noise in a second, just doing the basic color correction, but I was shocked by the easiness you can match the GH5 with the RED. So, I'm not only in love with the GH5, but I think it offers more then 99% of the people needs. A great little camera
  20. Huge thanks for your kind answers! I really appreciate it! Do you find easy to focus on the native lenses? I'm planning to buy (again) a set of native primes
  21. Great work! I love the concept and the cinematography! On my iMac the shadows are not crushed with Gamma 1.8, they become crushed with Gamma 2.2. I just buy the GH5 (I come from GH4 and G7), it is great but I have to shoot a little to appreciate more the V-LogL. Some questions if it is possible: - How did you move the camera (for instance at 00:35)? Gimbal, steadycam? - How did you rack focus with those lenses (the scene from 2:12 to 2:15 i.e.)? - How did you shot (or make the VFX) at 1:23? - How do you expose the V-LogL? - Is the Mavic a good all-round drone to buy? I'm thinking to buy it but I'm not a pilot, so I hope it it quite easy to operate it. I tried a Phantom 3 Advanced and a Youneec and the latter was a lot more filmic and flat, but the Mavic seems very good! Thank you very much!
  22. BTM_Pix, thank you! I have the G7 and the GH5: is it possible to unlock V-LogL on them?
  23. I had 20mm f/2.8, 24mm f/2, 28mm f/2.8, 35mm f/2, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8 etc... and all were cheap, especially considering the great images they give you Of course you it makes sense to buy those kind of lenses, some 1.4 and 1.2, not the exotic or AF...
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