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  1. I just bought it and what I can say... I tried for some minutes it on my father's Canon 6D and it is just AWESOME! I went far to ISO 3200 without problems! I tried only C-Log, Cinema 4 and Scarlet, in the next days I will try all the other profiles. For the moment: - C-Log is awesome, great DR no problem with shadows as I have with V-Log L recorded internally on the GH4. It's really a GIFT for any Canon user! You have to buy if you need a log profile! I'm going to try close to BlackMagic Micro Camera as soon as possible just to see differences and similarities. - Cinema 4 is a "neutral" with better colors and a slightly better DR. Great! I really like it for a 90% ready look. - Scarlet is a Fuji Velvia-like profile, with raised blacks, hyper saturated look (red blinks to my eyes) and less DR in order to have a great contrast. I think that just C-Log could cost at least more then V-Log L (it works wonders at 8 bit, instead with GH4 you have to record externally 10 bit to appreciate it), you have a lot of other great profiles, so don't wait that Andrew changes mind and buy it now! Thank you Andrew! And Canon has to thank you, because I'm really thinking to buy again a Canon just to use your profiles!
  2. You're right, excuse me, I read Olympus 12-40 and to me that is a "combo" with my BMMCC, I did not consider there is also a m43 BMCC, not only an EF one
  3. I have this one, it is very good! https://www.movofilms.be/movofilms-camera-cage-for-sony-a7-a7r-a7s.html I've bougth it in a bigger rig and I leave a review on their website: https://www.movofilms.be/movofilms-professional-camera-support-kit.html I used it this week extensively (10 hours/day for 5 days) and it is sturdy!
  4. If you are talking about the Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 Pro for m43 you can control the aperture electronically from the BMMCC with no issue. I use this combo often.
  5. Thank you very much IronFilm Do you know if I to buy also this accessory or the Blimp can be mounted as it is on the boom? https://www.thomann.de/it/rode_universal_blimp_mount.htm Thank you!
  6. At the end I've bought the Sennheiser MKE 600: I'm very happy with it, it seems it has a good output and works fine with the Zoom H5. I'm considering to buy the Rode Blimp MkII for canceling wind and noises as much as possible. What do you think about Blimp?
  7. At the end I've bought a Sennheiser MKE 600, I like it very much. The windscreen foam is quite goot to fight the wind and I'm thinking to buy the Rode Blimp MkII
  8. Ciao, is the pre-order over? Or are there some discount code? I would love to buy it!
  9. I used for some days and I had some freezes and some exposure problems. The peak focus gave me some inconsistent results. For me RAW on 5D MkIII is like the V-Log L on my GH4... something "fixed" in post, that could work but it is not perfectly finished. It was just my experience, nothing scientific: I started to shoot with Canon, when I saw the limits in the codec I went to Panasonic (a couple of years ago with the G6 and the GH4) and I have no reason - for they way I use the cameras - to return to Canon if they don't make something similar or better then GH4, G7 or BlackMagic Micro / Pocket / Cinema.
  10. It is amazing, I love the codec, my only complaint is the lack of a button for every basic function such as ISO, shutter, WB.
  11. Yes, but it's a hack: Canon is still selling 2009's video codec in their DSLR, just to be sure you buy the C line for filmmaking. My father has both 5D MKII and 5D MKIII for photos. I hacked them to try ML, but I would not use them for other then personal/repeatable gigs, since they are not reliable with ML loaded. Also: the menus and all the GUI of ML s not that great. Nothing to say about the quality, but until Canon will not decide to produce their cameras with that features it will be not really usable for paid gigs where time is a factor. I prefer to use my Lumix (GH4 and G7, GH4 never in V-Log, I made some tests also in ProRes 10 bit with video assist and I prefer to use them with Andy's "Natural" profile) and the little awesome BM Micro Cinema when I have more time between the shots. The Micro or the Pocket are way more reliable if you need RAW or Log. Of course, my opinion
  12. I own a GH4, after Andy's advice I've bought a G7 and in 4K is really better! Of course the 50p of GH4 has some more informations, but G7 is a really great camera, really better in low light.
  13. When I have a single / two scenario I use it and I love it. I have to rig it with the BM Video Assist (that is quite nice) and it is a little less easy to work with in places where we have permits. When I have to in 4, 5, 6 different places in 3 hours and have to switch from 3200K to 5400, from 200 to 800 ISO etc... I find the G7 more "fast" Of course I do love the ProRes it gaves me and I find it very Arri-like
  14. I had the Pocket and now the Micro. It's fantastic, I don't really need the 4K, but it is a "cinema" camera. You need time to set up it, time to swap batteries etc... and for rush - or low budget / no budget - gigs is not the best candidate. I find the GH4 (and now the G7) far more easy to manage, they share the same lens park and I use 90% of the time the Panasonic instead of the Micro. Of course I love the internal Micro's ProRes, it is just awesome and quite easy to grade in post while with Panasonic you have to nail 85% of the look in camera, because the V-Log, even recorded in the BM Video Assist is not something I use on the GH4. In my small experience LOG needs 10 bits and GH4 (or G7) are not that better recorded in ProRes, the codec is great in "Natural" setting, recorded internally and I use them in that way.
  15. I own both GH4 and G7: in 4K the G7 is better especially in low light, but of course also the GH4 is a little monster. I also own a BM Micro Cinema, great cinematic 1080 camera, but it is slower to use, for every setting you have to enter in the menu while with G7 and GH4 you can set WB, shutter speed, aperture etc... from a dedicated button. If you are in rush G7 and GH4 are a better choice. If you think to GH4 I would buy 2 G7
  16. I also suggest the Panasonic G7: great camera with awesome features. You add some nice lenses, maybe Canon FD with a passive adapter or Contax Zeiss and that's it. If you need a wide lens there is the native Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 that is super good. I added this rig, very nice: https://www.movofilms.be/movofilms-professional-camera-support-kit.html
  17. Andy, which tripod with fluid head do you suggest without spending too much for G7 / GH4 rigged as yours? Thank you very much!
  18. He's great!!! I love also his BTS!
  19. Thank you IronFilm! Since I have not big experience with shotgun, is the mke600 better then Rode? do you think also the saramonic could outperform the SmartLav+? thank you!
  20. The BM Pocket and the Micro are also great, but I find them great when you have time to set them. When you are in rush (run & gun) they are slower, especially outdoor and the battery's life is poor compared to Panasonic. I think Panasonic in "natural" Andy' setting, after a good color correction are almost indistinguishable from real cinema camera. I mean: I do love my BM Micro, but I'm faster with Panasonic and the internal codec is really good.
  21. Yesterday I had my first real gig with both G7 and GH4. Cleanest image (in 4K) then GH4 in low light and at 800 ISO. Great awesome camera! Thank you very much fro the advice!
  22. The inanimate object is 99% of the time indoor, so I could use the normal condenser pencil with the Zoom H5. Do you think the SmartLav+ could be useful for outdoor instead of the shotgun? Or which Rode Pro do you think is ok for that work (and maybe for indoor also, just to not change sound from indoor to outdoor)? I run a recording studio and I do a lot of voice over, I sometimes recorded ADR for some shorts, but they always was like 3 minutes shorts with maybe 1 minutes of dialogues... Audio on set is something completely different, a really difficult task! Thank you!
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