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  1. Wow!!! super crazy story!!! The images from this video are really good to my eyes: no moire, no bad artifacts... smooth movements... I like this little drone! Thank you for the advices!
  2. Ottimo! Anche io sono in attesa della GH5, non vedo l'ora! Grazie per il consiglio, stavo pensando al Karma per avere anche una GoPro da buttare al mare qui all'Argentario (Toscana), ma in effetti il Mavic sembra più serio come progetto e si trasporta molto più facilmente. A livello di qualità non sarà certo come un'Alexa su un drone da 10.000 euro, quindi tanto vale poterlo trasportare senza sforzo p.s.: complimenti per "I Cento Passi"! Capolavoro!
  3. Ehi ma qui si parla italiano!!! Che spettacolo!! Insomma io uso una GH4 e una G7 per i miei video, cosa mi consigliate, Mavic o Karma?
  4. Dear Aaron, after I tried Andrew's EOSHD C-Log I fell in love with Canon's colors. I use 99% of the time the Panasonic GH4 and G7, sometimes the Blackmagic Micro. I was thinking to buy a Canon (selling the GH4): do you think C100 MkII is more filmic then 7D MkII or 5D MkIII? Is it sharp enough? High ISO are good like on the 5DMkIII? Is the 35 mbps codec strong enough for color correction? If yes I could sell also the Micro Cinema in order to buy it Thank you!
  5. Here a little test I made yesterday with my father's cameras and my GH4. Andrew's C-Log wins clearly on GH4's V-Log: in my opinion GH4 is perfect in "Natural" profile - better then Canon for resolution, frame rate etc... - but with its LOG profile it fall apart. Mr Reid breathes new life in Canon's cameras
  6. Yesterday evening I borrowed my father's Canon (5D MkIII and 6D) in order to test them. I shot a little test - nothing scientific - just to see how well C-Log works on them and I added GH4 (my main camera) in the test.
  7. I use the Zoom H5 with a Sennheiser MKE600, great results. Zoom's preamps are not the quieter in the world, but with the nice output of Sennheiser they works fine, they just need a good output from the mic. Of course if you use an external preamp no problems at all, you can feed the H5 from that and use the mic you want.
  8. I was waiting this days! I'd love to buy a drone, and as always it seems there is not a perfect one: Karma is 3 products in 1 (a drone, an Osmo-like camera, a GoPro, nice for underwater shots), Mavis seems slightly better in terms of safety, easiness and size. I don't like GoPro's fisheye look, but there is a linear mode, hopefully not digitally cropped. Mavis has a 28mm wide angle but colors are (to my eyes) not that special. ProTune for sure could give more freedom in post. So... I'm going to think which one to buy
  9. I only have m/43 lenses I use with GH4, G7 and BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera and a bunch of CY Zeiss that I would use with the Canon I'm going to buy. I tried the 6D, great results at 3200 ISO, I'd like to buy something that could give me similar results Don't get me wrong, I love the GH4, but I also have the G7 and it is very good, very close to GH4. I'm certainly interested in GH5 (internal ProRes 422 etc...) but maybe the G8 would be great and cheaper... I also love the BlackMagic Micro, but I don't like the ergonomics and the fact that I have to rig it every time. I rig the GH4 when I need follow focus etc... but sometimes I prefer to go just with the camera and a couple of nice Zeiss... and that's not possible with the Micro. I'm searching a camera that is "fast" as the GH4 / G7, but could give me a flatter look, like the one from BlackMagic, that I can easily grade in post. And I'd love to use my CY Zeiss at their best, so I could have a real wide angle with 25 and 28, a nice 35, a good normal with 50 etc... I like the Super 35 look, but most of the people says that 7D MkII is noisier then 6D and 5D MKIII, so I could go for the full frame look in order to achieve a better clean file. I don't want to use Metabones or similar speedboster, since I like to shoot as backlight as I can and I don't want to risk velvet or blue dots. GH4's V-Log-L is not an option for me: very nice in good light, very bad indoor for my experience, so not really reliable. I was shocked from EOSHD C-Log at 3200 ISO with my father's 6D, really clean, no bad colors, no noise etc... Of course less resolution then GH4, but for narrative etc... it is very organic and "filmic". If you have suggestion I'm here
  10. Thank you very much! I'm really thinking between 5DmkIII and 7D! (or, if I sell all the things I have a C100 MkII...) If you have some video on youtube/vimeo please share it
  11. Great filmic quality! I use the GH4 and the G7 the very same way: no V-log or Cinelike D, but just "Natural" (with saturation and contrast -5) for a 90% ready look. I'm deciding to sell the GH4 since Canon colors are better to my eyes and I don't need 4K ... but of course it is still a great camera
  12. I love the Micro's files and they are very simple to work with in post with corrections and color. But the ergonomics is really bad... I like to shot as run and gun as I can, sometimes I have the time to rig all the things, but most of the time I like to spend more time on the lights / panels etc... and less on the camera If I had to choose I would have the BM Micro files in a GH4, maybe with a Super35 sensor Maybe I could not sell the Micro and use it when I have time to setup it, but, talking about EOSHD C-Log, which Canon camera would you buy to use it as its best? (possibly I would not use RAW)
  13. Mercer, I looked at your vimeo channel and I saw we used the same cameras: G7, BM Micro etc.. I cannot test Canon in these days since I'm far from my father, but in your opinion is the EOSHD C-Log as good the "film" profile on the Micro? Which setting do you use on the G7? Thank you!
  14. To my taste BMMCC has the best file I have at my disposal, but 99% of the time I'm run and gun and I have no time to set it properly, so I shoot with Panasonic - that also I like, but at that point, Canon with EOSHD C-Log give me nicer colors... So I'm thinking to buy one... I could buy a 7DmkII or a 80D, but I don't know if they are good enough like 6D I tried with noise, high ISO etc... my Canon 70D was horrible when slightly underexposed... So I think that APS-C maybe is not good as full frame (talking about Canon, of course, with Panasonic G7 I can underexpose 2-3 stops with no problems).
  15. Really, I thought the same until few days ago: I started in 2011 with Canon always in "Neutral" profile and I liked the colors but not the files. I had the 600D and then the 70D, but I used for some videos some 60D, 7D, 5D MkII and MkIII that I had from friends or rented. As soon as I "discovered" the Panasonic G6 on EOSHD.COM I sold the Canon (I had the 70D in that moment) and went for Panasonic mirrorless: G6, then GH4, and G7 replacing the G6 as second body some weeks ago. I love them, I use them every days with "Natural" Andy Lee's setting (great profile) but sometimes I need a flatter look. I've bought the Micro Cinema Camera and I like the file a lot, but I prefer the easiness of control of DSLM/DSLR, so if the EOSHD Log-C could substitute the BlackMagic flat I'm more then happy I have to run a test side by side (BlackMagic / Canon with EOSHD Log-C), but in the meantime I ask here for advices, since I did not use the Canons in the last 2 years and to me, with Andrew's profile, they are brand new cameras.
  16. I like the GH4, but I love the Canon skin tones. Of course the GH4 has a lot more things for video making, but if the 60p from 7dMkII is not bad I could consider to buy it!
  17. Thank you very much! I'll ask my father to try the 5DMkIII as soon as possible... Do you think it worths to sell both the BlackMagic Micro Cinema and the GH4 in order to raise some money for the 5DMkIII and shoot EOSHD Log-C? Or it is better to wait, not sell the Micro, sell the GH4 (I also have the G7) and take the 5DMkIII when I'll have money? 6D at 3200 ISO was a shock for me: super clean, no noise at all. Horrible colors in "neutral", gorgeous cinematic colors with your EOSHD C-Log, graded in 1" with FilmConvert 1DC profile. I did not see moire from 6D, but I was shooting at home just to try your profile. Anyway how is 7D MkII at 1600-3200 ISO? And moire? Is the 60p decent like the on on GH4 or is it full of artifacts? Thank you very much for your kind support and for this great profile!
  18. Did you try Andrew's profile? It is just AWESOME. It gives a new personality to those cameras. I just try it with a 6D, but the differences between Canon's Neutral and EOSHD C-Log are day/night.
  19. I just shot videos and I normally use Panasonic cameras (GH4 and G7). I also own a BlackMagic Micro Cinema, probably the best one I have, but it is slower for 99% of my works. So a Canon with EOSHD C-Log could be the one that gives me the flat look of BlackMagic with the easiness of a DSLR (no monitor to rig, no cables etc...). Of course I'm happy with GH4 and G7 and I'll buy the GH5 as soon as possible, but a Canon with EOSHD C-Log could be a good substitute for the Micro Cinema Camera... What about high ISO? (1600-3200) I would use it with Contax Zeiss lenses, so I don't need AF functions. Thank you!
  20. The 6D is outstanding in low light 3200 ISO. I could not imagine that it was so clean! Is the 5D MkIII the same? I ask, because I find a demo 6D for 900 € and a barely used 5D MkIII for 2000 €.... both in great conditions, but the difference worths 1100 €? And what about the 7D MkII? I search the cleanest ISO (and 6D seems far better then my GH4), the cleanes (no noise) LOG for a better liberty when grading. Super 35 like (7D MkII) sensor would be enough for me, but the full frame look is not bad at all Thank you
  21. Dear all, I've bought Andrew's profiles and tired on my father's 6D (I'll try also on his 5D MkIII as soon as possible). I'm considering to buy a Canon body to use with EOSHD Log-C profile, which one do you suggest? Which are pro and cons of 6D, 5D MkIII and 7D MkII? I'd prefer to not use Magic Lantern and just go with a nice Log-C profile, maybe recording externally in ProRes if needed for bigger projects, but the codec with Andrew's profile looks great until 3200 ISO on 6D. Thank you!
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