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  1. Just received my copy of the Laowa 7.5mm F2(not Ultralight) from Adorama yesterday and I noticed the focus marks are not aligned - They're off by about an 1/8". Other reviews seemed to indicate this being an issue with some folks unable to focus to infinity. I haven't had chance to take it outside yet to see how my copy copes with focusing, but I was wondering if anyone else with this lens has this same issue? I'd hate to send this lens back to Adorama only to have a replacement copy that's worse. Otherwise, at first blush, the build quality is pretty good, and like others I was shocked at how small it is and what a poor lens cap it comes with.
  2. @ jonpais thank you for your insight; Man you've got quite the collection of lenses. I guess I needed someone else to tell me that the zooms will get the most mileage; I might just get the 35-100 based on your findings with the 12-35 and I've already got enough primes to cover that 12-35 range anyway. With the ibis and focus peaking on the gx85 it'll be nice to shoot with some of my older primes while leaving the tripod behind. The $697 deal from B&H with Panny battery, charger and $100 gift card was also for the camera and kit lens which I'm sure isn't worth writing home about but may come in handy. I share your infatuation with the Nocticron and part of me wonders whether it could be a lens that just stays on the camera and I can work around any issues shooting at that focal length; I do shoot some portraits in my office(new attorneys that are hired) and I'm often asked to get photo coverage from events and training sessions that maybe that one lens could suffice.
  3. Just placed my order for a GX85 from B&H for $697 that also comes with a free Panny battery, travel charger and a $100 B&H gift certificate. I'm torn between getting the 12-35 and the 35-100 Panny zooms which are both on sale for $696 and $897 respectively OR the Noctricron for $1397 I'm already invested in m4/3 glass with the SLR Magic 12, Nokton 25mm, Panny 14-140(1st gen) and 20mm pancake(1st gen) as well as some vintage glass that was recommended by Andrew in one of his shooting guides(CY 85mm F1.4, Contax Zeiss 45mm F2, Olympus 38mm F1.8). I've had my eye on those Panny zooms for sometime, having used my primes on my GH2 and GH3, but I'm currently shooting with a BM Micro and wanted a compact stills camera that could also do quality video, hence the GX85 order, after mulling all the available options and not wanting to buy into another system(Sony, Fuji). I know the zooms and the Nocticron are totally different beasts, but could the Nocticron be a decent carry around multupurpose lens(primarily for stills)? The GX85 is supposed to be delivered on Monday, along with the gift card to which I'll put to use on either the two zooms, which I know will be more versatile, or the Nocticron, which I'm loving the imagery from. I should note, the Contax Zeiss 45mm is probably my most favorite modified lens; It's so sharp and had an appealing look it produced, but the Metabones adapter required to use it is kind of fiddly and when using it on the GH3 which had no focus peaking, focus wide open was often hit or miss. I'd like to hear if anyone had an opinion if given the choice which would they select: 2 zooms or one high quality prime.
  4. Okay, I'm already 90% convinced that the SmallHD 501 is probably the best option for an external monitor to replace my SmallHD DP4(used with a BM Micro), but I'd like to hear any other opinions and options. The reason why I want to replace the DP4 is I'd like to be able to have a monitor that had LUT support and was a little sharper. I'm ruling out the Atomos line because I don't need a monitor with recording capabilities, not to mention I prefer the compact size of SmallHD's monitors and excellent battery life. My work has a Ninja Blade and it's a tad bulky and heavy when you throw a battery on it. After factoring in the accessories for the 501 I'd need: the swivel mount, sunshade, and screen protector/or glare reducer, the total is approaching $1100 with shipping. I'm a little miffed they do not include an AC adapter which is another accessory for $139. With that said, I started looking at the 702 Bright, which retails for $1499, figuring it would be useful to have an ultrabright display when I shoot outdoors and may not have to use a sunhood. I do like the fact the 702 can accommodate both Canon and Sony batteries without having to swap out battery plates - It would be great if the 500 series monitor could take both types of batteries but I'm not sure if there's enough space for them to do that. I haven't seen in person either the 501 or 702, but I'm overall impressed with the UI of both monitors, based on numerous reviews. I'd also be using this monitor with my Zhiyun Crane; I have the DP4 mounted to a Toga arm that's screwed into the 1/4" 20 hole on the bottom of the handgrip of the gimbal - I keep meaning to take a photo of my setup for the Zhiyun Crane topic here but I keep forgetting to do so when I'm out shooting an event. I worry that the 702 might be kind of overkill for the tiny Micro(I do have it in a Smallrig cage so mounting points aren't a concern), but it being around $400 more than the 501 and is much brighter and has SDI(not all that important to me but nice to have) I can't help but consider it. I may consider renting the 502 and DP7 from a local rental house, but wanted to get insight from others who have used either or both. Thank you in advance.
  5. Well that's unfortunate, although you should try a much wider lens than a 50mm to using on a gimbal. Not sure what's up with the remote since that seems to be a part of a select package. It will take some getting used to the weight, although I've always felt a heavier rig makes for much smoother shots. As to those micro jitters, you may want to try re-balancing your camera as well as shoot with a much wider lens(at least a 24mm); or it could be you have a faulty unit. Phil, I'll try and post a photo in the next day or two of my monitor mounted(my still camera is at the office).
  6. I'll try and get a photo of my setup, but I've got the Micro Cinema camera on my crane, necessitating the need of an external monitor(SmallHD DP4). I have a SmallHD articulating arm mounted to the bottom 1/4 20 thread in the handle and a 3ft slim Monoprice HDMI cable plugged into a right angle HDMI adapter into the Micro. To be honest, having come from using Glidecams and Steadicam stabilizers, it's not much different from looking down at a monitor on a sled. With a SLR Magic 12mm(1st gen) and a Fader vari-ND, in conjunction with the Smallrig cage, I'm a little over 1200g but it seems to have no problem with the weight nor having an HDMI dangling downwards. As Mattias mentioned earlier, having an HDMI cable running to an external monitor would prohibit the gimbal from panning 360 degrees, and going to inverted mode will require some adjustment to the noga arm and monitor, but it can be done.
  7. Back in stock at B&H and still $599. My order should arrive on Thursday so I'm looking forward to rigging my BM micro:)
  8. It would seem to offer the most bang for your buck. I saw that video with the 5D and it seemed to not have any issue with the heavier payload. They also had a photo of their dual handle accessory.
  9. On a related note I finally placed my order on the Crane; Wanted a US dealer and Amazon dealers won't ship to Hawaii so I'm glad B&H carried it, however it's not in stock and is "On Order". Fortunately the price is still advertised at $599.
  10. On their Facebook page, they say 1200g is the "best" weight but it's max payload is 1800g. The price has also gone up to $650.
  11. Here's a photo of my setup. All Smallrig with the exception of the Wooden Camera cold shoe mount and Smallhd articulating arm. I love how the left side of the cage has a nato built-in.
  12. It looks like it since the price went up. I think someone over at bmcuser mentioned it isn't compatible with Wooden Camera's speedbooster foot, although Smallrig has their own support for Speedboosters. Not an issue for me yet since I'm using native lenses. I e-mailed WoodenCamera after seeing they revised their Micro cage and was offered a brief explanation for the change and a 15% for the new cage but declined. I intimated having seen their gear in person and was impressed with the build quality, to which their prices certainly reflect that; I get they're competing in a niche market and aren't selling them on the shelves at Walmart, however, based on the poor fit with their initial cage, I explained I don't think I'll be purchasing anymore WC gear in the foreseeable future. The quiet revision coupled with no means for the initial buyers of the first cage to purchase maybe an upgraded sideplate(Based on the pictures it looks like they removed one row of mounting holes to free up more space on the control side), left a poor impression in my mind. Thanks again to Zak and others who submitted ideas during the design phase.
  13. Got the cage and the HDMI clamp in yesterday and got around to switching out the Wooden Camera cage. Build quality is on par with the WC. The Smallrig is one piece and affixes to the bottom of the micro with two hex bolts, wheras the WC cage was not one piece and anchored with one hex bolt on top and bottom. Overall I'm pleased.
  14. Have been keeping an eye on this cage and it's finally available for pre-order(thank you Zak and all other contributors). http://www.smallrig.com/SMALLRIG-Blackmagic-Micro-Cinema-Camera-Cage-1773_2.html http://www.smallrig.com/SMALLRIG-Lock-HDMI-Protector-for-Cinema-Camera-1693.html Had the Wooden Camera cage the day I received my micro and quickly realized, like many others, it had a design flaw in that it partially covered the Micro's buttons. WC gear isn't cheap and I've seen their stuff in person at NAB and otherwise thought they made quality products, but felt they probably rushed the Micro cage. Ironically I have a Smallrig top handle and nato rail affixed to the cage because the WC prices for their handles are obscene(I even have their HDMI port clamp and that was obscene in price). Also ordered the Smallrig HDMI port clamp. Not bad for $62.05(including shipping) especially considering the WC cage was $120. According to their website the cage is scheduled for delivery on July 31(I imagine this is when they expect to have stock to ship pre-orders).
  15. Thank you for this review Mattias. I've been on the fence whether to dive into gimbals(have used Glidecam stabilizers) and what has always put me off is reading the reviews of others struggling with trying to get them stabilized and or needing something of a computer science degree to program. If your opinion is it's easy to setup and go, I'm sold. The only thing that concerns me is I'd be attempting to use this with a BM Micro and smallhd dp4 so I think it may be over the weight limit.
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