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"Creator" replaces "filmmaker"

Andrew Reid

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When our music turns rubbish and our language ugly we know there's trouble ahead. Filmmakers and photographers seem to be on the way out, to be replaced by something altogether more homogenous - the "content creator" or simply "creator". Why specialise when you can just "create stuff"?

New blog post:


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My vote is to formally change the term ‘creator’ to that of ‘shitter’ from this point onwards.

But being serious for a moment and playing devils advocate, I think there is room…a need even, for ‘content creators’ alongside the more traditional titles of photographer, videographer, filmmaker etc.

Ultimately, we are defined by what we do/produce rather than the titles we give ourselves. 

Now I do have 2 creators that need to go for their morning walk in the woods… 

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All "social media" platforms are eventually always turned into marketing platforms by their owners, and as content-creators are a species which lives exclusively on such platforms I would like to call them outsourced-marketeers.

Why employ your own staff to drive a taxi when you can run a platform like Uber and have all these individual drivers compete for rides?

Why have your own staff to deliver packages when you can contract all these individuals to deliver packages and have them compete with each other?

Why have your own marketing department when you can have all these content-creators compete with each other to peddle your message?

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14 hours ago, fuzzynormal said:

The gig economy is the future economy.  As a freelancer my whole life I ironically find it kinda sad, actually.  It's yet another corporate race to the bottom.

Sad but true..after 23 years in the business, we are too tired to compete again for the bottom!

I have these conversations all the time the last couple of years.

The energy and time to "educate" the customer is so tiring right now, and usually they have a photo or video on their phone which is good enough for them and their social media "campaign", or after a couple of meetings and a half a dozen phone calls everything concludes "just do some drone shots"!

No, thank you.. 

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I read a few days ago that Sony changed the Imaging Edge app to Creators app, and that then connects to the Creators Cloud. Very creative indeed. It's been happening for some time but only now feels like it's happening all at once.


It has certainly become a calling card of younger millennials and older gen z to present themselves as "multi-disciplined". One can't just be a photographer anymore, but a photographer, videographer, model, talent agent, etc. It's not just social media in the creative sector of the economy that has ruined us but work culture in general. In a capitalist dominant world where the few with resources ensure that the many without resources know that they are replaceable, what other outcome could you expect. Make yourself irreplaceable and you'll prosper, right?


Regarding older millennials, like myself, and younger gen z I believe; millennials have grown tired of busting their ass to chase a carrot they'll never eat and gen z have seen enough from the older generations to know that the hustle is a fruitless effort. This is all coming from mine own American perspective. I know this forum spans many cultures and generations. If you embrace the hustle, more power to you and I wish you the best.


As far as the "good-enough-is-good-enough" goes in the creative world, It has simply become an esthetic for the younger population and of course corporate number crunchers will happily follow suit. The current state of the arts and creative commerce tells us all we need to know. Vinyl records are outselling cds. Music is being made made in Garage Band with cheap instruments and microphones. More people will watch a Tik-Tok video that took 15 minutes to make than will watch a properly produced motion picture that took 3 years and thousands of man-hours to make. Polaroid and other film technologies are being embraced once again. As well, early digital camera technology is exploding on the secondhand market. Look at the success of the horror movie Skinamarink (2022). It was shot with an FX-6 but it looks like absolute shit . The lo-fi look is where it's at right now. Why is that? I definitely have thoughts on the subject, but I'll save everyone's eyes from continuing this rant.



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On a side note, I never liked the term "creator" from the start. It's pretentious. 

No matter how awesome a video I make is, I didn't cReAte anything. I captured something that God created, and edited it into something cool. I produced something, but I didn't create shit.

Imagine an architect looking at a building he/she designed and declaring: "I created this". 

But it makes people who make a basic-ass video or reel feel good and important, so that's one of the reasons it's so popular IMO.


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It's kind of like the old-school difference between "broadcaster" and "filmmaker".  Aspects of both crafts can often be interchangeable and muddied, but there's a philosophical difference between the two.

'Broadcasting' the States has most often been about making quick, often shitty, content.  News, game shows, talk shows, soap operas --just constant stuff stuff stuff.

A lot of that is now being built on independent folks, rather than organized broadcasting business entities, but it's still the same low-effort-with-the-narrrative content.

Decent filmmmakiing is considered and slow.  There's typically a serious effort to infuse some story telling art into it.  

Churning out content... eh, there's some of that, but not so much.


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This was in the news today, apparently all of NZ's polytechnics (which are kinda like Community Colleges in America?? If they also offered full length degrees, and even postgraduate qualifications such as Masters degrees) have to now refer to their students as not "students" but "learners". 


On 3/14/2023 at 2:37 AM, Chrille said:

Going down that rabbit hole...


I love that song! It's been in my music playlist I often play on the weekend during pre-drinks. 

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7 hours ago, IronFilm said:

have to now refer to their students as not "students" but "learners". 

Quite a few years back now, in the UK, when a kid failed his exams, it was no longer to be referred to as ‘failed’, but ‘deferred success’.

What a load of old shit.

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