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  1. For me, the real problem of RS is not the skewed lines during pans but rather the jello effect during handheld or moving car footage
  2. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/press-text-sony-develops-back-illuminated-cmos-image-sensor-global-shutter/ That's good news
  3. Interested to see what is the final solution here
  4. Wauw that is such a huge screw-up haha. How the hell was that approved? So going by that scale a full frame sensor will be the size of an iPad
  5. I think the first shot with the A6500 was a bit out of focus- because the second shot at higher ISO seemed much sharper to me.
  6. The heavily moderated boards are always the most boring ones anyway
  7. Does anybody here have both an A7SII and an A6500? I know that the latter is a little sharper, but how do they compare when it comes to S-log, quality of the image, etc? Is the A6500 rolling shutter so bad that you can't use it on a gimbal with fast moving shots?
  8. I learned a couple of things from this thread. Sandbox explanation works. I also like the explanation that S-log sacrifices colour information for detail and highlight retention. I feel like smoother highlights and shadows is more important than colour for the majority of scenes. Thanks guys!
  9. You don't need to change the levels manually while recording. If you are recording in 24bit then you have a lot of headroom. Just make sure the loudest level that you are recording isn't clipping the converters. Clipping can be heard as harsh digital distortion and seen as the red light on an audio meter. What you need is compression during or after recording. I'm not sure but I would guess your Tascam would have a built-in compressor, but you can probably get better results by using software compression in post. What a compressor does is takes the quiet sections and raises them up, and the loud sections and squashes them down. However this can sound bad if the quiet parts are so low that the compressor drives up the noisefloor to distracting levels, so you need to make sure the voices are all recorded at a moderate distance from the mic. If you want I can edit your podcast for free, send it to [email protected] Tell me what software you use to edit your podcast and I can advise on a free/ cheap solution for compression in post.
  10. Yes but even so, you'll get better results with the latest software (even in realtime) over whatever they put in that yamaha!
  11. I hate apple keyboards, even the older one is a POS. I use a 2015 iMac at work and have to suffer every day because I use Pro Tools and the function keys are very important. With a regular keyboard the function keys are nice and big and are separated in groups of 4. So tired of hitting the wrong key over and over again. I will probably have to buy a keyboard just to restore my sanity while working on intense sessions. You'd think that they only make their MBP keyboard shit because they are chasing thinner and thinner bodies. So now they decided to cheap out even more and make the desktop users suffer too! Haha, [deleted]
  12. Oh indeed, I should mention that when I got mine it was $650 and my ex-fiancee got it as a birthday present (since then I was married for 4 days before divorce, and had to pay her over $20k BUT I DIGRESS). I don't know why they put the price up but I definitely wouldn't recommend getting it now at $850. The MixPre3 is indeed cheaper, much newer etc. Also I record music and the output latency on the USBPre2 does leave a little to be desired... By the way, if you want cheap but great quality, then check out the Audient iD14. I have that and it punches waaay above its weight in terms of pre-amps and conversion!
  13. USB Pre2 is awesome, but mine got busted. Need to get it fixed because it was great. I liked it so much I even put it in my music video haha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzMQMRVvdtk&t=2m18s
  14. Music (and poor vocals) will certainly not be to everybody's taste. And to be honest I did rush the mix and edit to make the deadline for a youtube competition... But other than that I hope you guys find it amusing nevertheless!
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291931537146?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I use the Meikon underwater case since 2012 for my NEX-5n and it's still going strong! Never a single drop inside the camera.
  16. Looks nice! I like the smooth automation. Wish it was a little longer though, like 50% longer
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was some kind of plugin that works in premiere that gives you preset split-screen effects. I did this a bunch of times in my old movie trailers (example below) but I was wondering if there was a good plugin that does it without automatically, including the effect when you have the screen split into 16+ little screens with the same thing going on (or slightly off to give a wave effect) Thanks in advance!
  18. Hey dude, I don't know how I missed this post! But great work, really nice editing and lovely shots
  19. I can read arabic, even though my vocabulary is poor. But I have a lot of Egyptian friends who can read and understand a police report properly. That said nobody here believes there is a police report bro. Or a 1DC. Like others have said, you will feel better after confessing and making things aright with your victims. Then you can repent in prayer (if you do pray). If you are a muslim/ christian/ jew then you surely believe that the best lies and the most perfect scams are exposed in the eyes of God anyway. So be a man and quit this game- at least you can still recover some of your dignity this way.
  20. Yeah, that just seems silly. I tried to see it from a perspective of a loving grandfather and his grandson both having the same name and not bothering to make a second account because it doesn't matter much to them... but it still doesn't make sense at all. I myself am half Egyptian and have family living in Egypt. My cousins are really into production and one does videography, so it wouldn't be difficult to ask him to look into it and verify the whole story. I hope this young guy takes everybody's advice and just confesses and offers a sincere apology. You a smart guy Ebrahim. Don't hurt your future further by trying to squirm out of this situation. As a fellow Egyptian and as a guy who liked reading your posts, I implore you to take peoples' advice and end the game here.
  21. Damn. That's definitely confusing as hell. I was defending the guy. Now I don't know what to believe. So those hundreds of posts were all written by this young guy? Or does Sr. exist, but has become ill or passed away? Was there an answer or explanation about the stolen footage on vimeo?
  22. Exactly. There are only two possibilities IMHO: 1 - Somebody nasty who doesn't like or is envious of Saadawi Sr. is attempting to destroy his rep. Hence the arrogant confession message on facebook. 2 - It's his grandson who is behind all of this and Saadawi Sr. is protecting him despite his folly and will give him a good spanking behind closed doors. And for all the naysayers- he already said he plans to refund the people who lost money from his own pocket. What more do you want?!
  23. Come on, it doesn't add up. All this elaborate hoax for stealing a few thousand dollars at the most? This is a case of identity theft. Maybe somebody close to Saadawi Sr who is jealous of him and wants to simultaneously ruin his reputation and make some money on the side. As for having the time to write all those posts, maybe he is retired? Or has a lot of free time?
  24. Before anything else happens let the guy try and find who has been stealing his identity. A few of days of patience is probably all that is needed here
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