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  1. ​ Oh lighten up. Canon deserve all the bashing in the world for selling such a POS package for that much money. As for the consumers... you can forgive some teenagers tugging at their dad's sleeve to buy this package based on the marketing. As for anybody else who isn't put off by the cheesy-ass box... 5 minutes of research on a smartphone will tell them to save their money and get a camera three times as good, a mic twice as good and still have money left over for a decent 64GB SD card...
  2. Seems pretty exciting. This next to my a6000 would be a killer 2 camera setup. Would love to see how the lens performs too! If Sony could totally sort out their colour science to be closer to Canon's then they would be unstoppable
  3. ​Salams Ebrahim, Ramadan Mubarak This is just one review, but there are others where people are saying similair things comparing it to the Canon: http://dustinabbott.net/2015/03/samyang-135mm-f2-ed-umc-review/ I will probably pick up this lens at some point, since I always wanted the Canon 135mm L... and don't really need the autofocus anyway...
  4. I have the 85mm Samyang and it's almost as good as the Zeiss 85mm F1.4. The latter is more than double the price however so stick with the Samyang! I've also heard that their newer 135mm is awesome and even better optically than the Canon 135mm L lens and that's saying a lot. Don't bother with the 24mm but the 35, 85, and 135mm are all great lenses for stills or video IMO
  5. That was an awesome post dude. And I did laugh out loud at the "Hollywood vomiting dross all over us". The latest I've seen being the Hobbit part 3. But it is totally true. Usually people who spend too much time pixel-peeping are the ones too lazy to just shoot and edit... making excuses like "I'll shoot it when my camera can pull of this or that... and I have been guilty of that to an extent many times!
  6. Hmmm, any other people can chime in? Maybe it's a problem on only certain drive controllers/ hardware combinations...
  7. Like Julian said your best bet is the Sony FS700. It does 240 FPS at full 1080p. If you need more you can just use Twixtor and I'm sure you can easily get smooth 500fps or more from 240 fps footage.
  8. Sony's greatest weakness with their cameras, especially the cheaper NEX line were the skin tones IMO. Even my a6000 still isn't quite there with its colour science. But it looks like the A7S is capable of pretty good ones! Great video by the way!
  9. lol, not even focus-peaking after all these years. Something the Nex-5n had in 2010. They simply don't f***ing care about video in their DSLRs.
  10. Man that's both pleasing and annoying. They had better include a firmware update for the a6000- otherwise I will sell it and get the a5100. Will be annoyed to lose the EVF but will gain a flip up screen and touchscreen which can be useful sometimes for follow-focus...
  11. Ungraded video frame from a6000 today: Light grade: Medium grade: Guy who graded these in 3 minutes is here: http://www.mkgraphy.net Lens is a Samyang 85mm T1.5. Very happy with the result- looks like a decent still image :)
  12. I think it's something Sony should really work on- the green/ yellow in skin tones. I think that's a major reason why many use Canon DSLR's for video... because they have a better colour science and makes skin tones preferable.
  13. Awesome song and nice video of it, enjoyed watching that :)
  14. Hmm, is it possible the kit lens is overheating because it is on continuous autofocus? Or is it still happening in manual focus mode?
  15. Anybody with the a6000 used to use a Nex-5n? Is it a big upgrade in terms of image? Trying to decide if it's worth it to just add an extra $1000 for the GH4 but I have my wedding coming up now and it ain't cheap...
  16. Good move, but guys, I have been using forums for 15 years and one thing I always noticed was that the forums with high levels of moderation became boring, and the ones with light moderation were always more fun. I think that banning somebody should only be done as a last resort when somebody REALLY crosses the line, not just for one or two offensive posts. Otherwise this forum will have a reputation for being up-tight (like the RED forums) and not free-flowing and fun. Just my two cents...
  17. Sweet! So the only thing Sony truly messed up... is the bitrate! Why can't they just double the damn bitrate, I don't think it would cost them anything from a production point of view :/
  18. I was thinking the ultimate setup would be GH4 + Metabones Speedbooster + Ninja blade recorder- but it seems like we maybe don't need the recorder that badly huh :)
  19. Thanks for the quick replies guys. Pascal I will send you an email with some details :)
  20. Will be watching this with interest. Looks like the GH4 will be a huge upgrade from my old NEX-5n!
  21. I know, not the usual topic... but I can find tonnes of photograpers for weddings in Paris but not a good videographer! The ideal would be a two man team, one photo and one video! It's for my wedding. I would shoot the photos and videos myself but my woman obviously wasn't happy with that idea... Appreciate any suggestions :)
  22. GH4 is the best contender for my next semi-pro video solution... but man I really wish that add-on brick was better designed! Ugly, bulky thing. And that's coming from a function-over-form guy! Oh well...
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