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  1. Hey man, I know you will likely not agree with this, but with a budget of 1000$ I would think the easiest thing is to just bring your 5DII along to the office and spend the rest of the money on a decent 35mm and 50mm prime lenses (if you dont already have those), Zoom H1 or H2n microphone for nice clean audio, and a basic lighting kit with maybe two stands and softboxes. Actually maybe an 85mm lens instead of the 50mm since 5D is full frame and you might need close shots of your face while talking to mix it in with the wider shots. There is a chance the light coming through that window is not going to be favourable for the video so I wouldn't rely on it. Then again I am no lighting expert but I remember some things from working with Riz Khan back when he did interviews for CNN and AL Jazeerah. His crew would almost always black out the windows and use warm lights from the stands. Going back to audio, I wouldn't bother about cameras having mic inputs. So much cheaper and simpler to record on a dedicated mic (you are recording in your office so I wouldn't bother with an expensive Rode shotgun) and then sync it afterwards in editing. Zoom H2n has both standard XY stereo recording as well as Mid-Side mode which helps you isolate the noise from the sides and focus on your voice. If you really want to buy a second camera then I think your budget needs a bump to 2k since $1 is only enough for a GH2 or NEX-5n with one prime. Just my 2cents
  2. Hey Andrew! Just won an Olumpus Pen-F 38mm 1.8 on ebay US $256.00. Do you think I overpayed? Lol. But just after I won and saw a pen-F 40mm 1.4! That sounds even better no? Have you ever tried it?
  3. Lee, do you have any sample videos of the CCTV 25mm? I have the SLR Magic 35mm 1.7 and wonder how it compares!
  4. I'm one of those guys waiting for the 24mm from Samyang
  5. I'm also trying different lenses and Andrew's article: http://www.eoshd.com/content/3998/cinematic-and-photographic-lenses-for-the-sony-nex-5n-and-fs100-part-1 ...convinced me to hunt on ebay for the Olympus 38mm 1.8. I already lost the first auction while I was sleeping (I knew that asshole would stab me while I slept!) and I'm bidding on another now. That one shot in the above article with the sharp portrait and lovely curved bokeh sold me instantly. Otherwise I am also unsure whether to invest in the voigtlander 35mm. I'm also not sure how much more awesome the video will be at the end of the day. Plus it is a little pricey considering if you're spending $650 plus the adapter, maybe its time to splash on the E-mount Carl Zeiss 24mm? It's a 1000 dollars which is harsh... but it's made for e-mount, has auto-focus so you can touch focus on the screen and not worry about it, and the focal length of 24mm is useful for video. I actually wish Zeiss made a wide angle e-mount to replace the mediocre 16mm f2.8 sony standard. I also have a couple of videos where I want to film myself playing guitar etc, but I dont want to trouble anybody to shoot me since I will need to take loads and loads of shots before I get the ones I want. So it's a bit of a focus challenge...
  6. Anybody have any experience using these? Do they work great or compromise a little? Like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-EOS-EF-lens-Sony-NEX-E-mount-Adapter-Aperture-/110732528551?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c82c4ba7#ht_3941wt_952 Can't seem to find one with the tripod mount tho. Cheers
  7. But the SNR will still be a tiny difference, right? I guess the only way to be sure is when we get some proper NEX-7 tests, but I don't think they'll be visibly different in the real world like Andrew mentioned...
  8. It's so sad how insecurity, pride, and inflated egos seriously hurt so many different industries. I've seen it time and time again, from movies to video games to big events. Ego gets in the way of art of all formats reaching its full potential. For example, not many people agree with me but I really dislike Peter Jackson because his ego hindered the LOTR trilogy from being much, much better. That's another thread though... Ah well, RED's reputation is only going to suffer from this fiasco. Phillip Bloom: "I had some incredibly unhelpful remarks from people (not RED) saying it was my fault for going on a paid job with no second EPIC as a backup..." Wauw, I guess fanboys will be fanboys. The guy who wrote that is likely some snotty kid who only has wet dreams of an EPIC!
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