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  1. Love these shots! 😄
  2. On a side note, I never liked the term "creator" from the start. It's pretentious. No matter how awesome a video I make is, I didn't cReAte anything. I captured something that God created, and edited it into something cool. I produced something, but I didn't create shit. Imagine an architect looking at a building he/she designed and declaring: "I created this". But it makes people who make a basic-ass video or reel feel good and important, so that's one of the reasons it's so popular IMO. /rant.
  3. Hey guys! Any idea what is causing these glitches? They were once extremely rare but now they happened a few times in the same video:
  4. Amro Othman


    Looks very nice. Love the rendering
  5. Amro Othman


    Wow! So much depth. I can feel the spaces in between the objects
  6. Amro Othman


    We live in an age where a little Fuji gives cinematic results when you pair with the right lens Anyway I am uploading both images. The warmer and brighter one is the Sigma. Same WB. I THOUGHT I had the same F-stop on both lenses but they look so different that I probably had the Sigma at least a stop higher and didn't realise. I will have to do a test carefully to be sure!
  7. Amro Othman


    Yes it is contrasty. It also rendered the colours very differently from the Sigma ART 18-35... so much so that I was shocked. I can post the images if you're interested. I don't think I had a filter on the lens for the interior shots-b ut if I did it would just be a Hoya CPL. As for the camera, it's the trusty Fuji X-T3 on a Ronin S
  8. Amro Othman


    Yeah, totally agreed! But there is something about this lens, it renders so nicely. It really looks 3D in certain shots (I know that the lens is only part of the equation, but it's still a big part!)
  9. Amro Othman


    Ok nobody guessed and maybe I was being a d*ck by playing a guessing game- so the lens is a Zeiss Distagon ZE 35mm F2.0 ❤️
  10. Amro Othman


    I've found my favourite lens ever guys. Totally has surpassed the PEN-F 38mm f1.8. Can anybody guess which one it is? Hint: it's a Carl Zeiss made in Japan
  11. For me, the real problem of RS is not the skewed lines during pans but rather the jello effect during handheld or moving car footage
  12. https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/press-text-sony-develops-back-illuminated-cmos-image-sensor-global-shutter/ That's good news
  13. Interested to see what is the final solution here
  14. Wauw that is such a huge screw-up haha. How the hell was that approved? So going by that scale a full frame sensor will be the size of an iPad
  15. I think the first shot with the A6500 was a bit out of focus- because the second shot at higher ISO seemed much sharper to me.
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